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Amazing discovery warning spoilers
First I would like to start off by saying nagato rinnagun was originally madara's. Here is how I came to this conclusion. Tobi claim to be madara until kabuto revived him. When nagato died bring everyone back to life from konoha tobi (pretending to be madara) says he was supposed to bring him back to life. When madara was resurrected by kabuto he says nagato had finally grown up.

Next I believe tobi killed madara. The only reason I believe this is madara knows of tobi exist and he didn't seem that thrill to know he was behind what was happening. I can't really prove it but i have a good feeling that's its a possibility.

Finally tobi is izuna uchiha. I know alot of u are thinking that izuna was shown dead in a coffin. Well i think that izuna was a fake. Izuna was suppose to be madara equal or at least very close to it. If that is the case I don't think izuna would willingly give up his eyes so his brother can keep his power. I think itachi was right n madara took his eyes by force. But i believe izuna took the eyes of another uchiha n went into hiding and disguise himself as tobi. If this is true that would explain why tobi has never been seen using a ms even tho he knows all about it n their abilities. He has to be an uchiha tho just for the simple fact he can using izangi. Itachi also says tobi(pretending to be madara) was a shell of his former self which would be true if he doesn't have his original eyes, but he would still be an elite ninja.

by mrmcdonald
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Quoting wombat3476i dont agree with any of it well some of it. madara new of tobis plan. infact he even goes as far and saying do u know our plan as well. then kabuto says not in detail but i am on ur side. though i am unsure if the fake madara will act as planned. so that means they where working together before his death and they came up with a plan together. madara even knew it was tobis that had to do with him being brought back to life. well at least the war part.
tobi is a good medical ninja he is probably the one who fused the 1st dna with madara. and help him come up with this plan. then madara died and the planned on passing the eyes to nagato so he could bring madara back to life.
i am sure if tobi is isuna madara would know it. and wouldnt get snuck and killed

Have you forgotten Madara has not set eyes on Tobi after he was reanimated? Cause he only appeared at the war field.

Posted by kelvinallo 2 years ago

Danzou,not an Uchiha at all,yet,he can use Izanagi...The thing that you need to perform an Izanagi is a power of Uchiha combined with Senju...So,everyone can use Izanagi,but,they need the power of an Uchiha and Senju plus know how to do it...When Tobi fighting against Konan,he use his left sharingan to perform an Izanagi...I believe that Tobi left part of his body,from head to his leg,is a Senju Hashirama DNA...That's why he can use Izanagi..But,when Itachi explain about Izanagi and Izanami,he never mentioned at all that an Uchiha needs Senju power to use Izanagi...The way Itachi explained it,sounds like an Uchiha can use Izanagi without combination with Senju power...

Could it make sense that the siblings have a same chakra?...You know,just like they have a same DNA...

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

yet another tobi identity page. "Tobi is no-one" there i solved the mystery no need to call the scooby-doo gang for this case.

Posted by xaioque 2 years ago

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Posted by icunichjera 2 years ago

Izanagi is an Uchiha technique so therefore you do not need Senju to do the technique, maybe a perfected version like the sage did but not do it..just like Itachi just told the story of it and how the other one was to fix mess ups..

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

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Posted by ernberylani 2 years ago

izanagi requires both a sharingan and senju dna. danzo explained that clearly which is why he had all those sharingan and had orochimaru fuse him with the 1st hokages dna. izanami on the other hand didnt require senju dna or at least itachi never said it did

Posted by hotrich64 2 years ago

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Posted by omg_evrynameistaken 2 years ago

i know madara hasnt met tobi but he knew he was involed in the war can u not read? and tobi isnt the 1st son. he had the rinngun. plus that was like 1000 years ago

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago