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what now
I just wonder what sasuke is going to do now. His whole revenge scheme is void because it was danzo and not the village who gave the option of destroying his clan. Hiruzen was looking for an alternative while danzo was coercing Itachi to kill them all; and all of this to save sasuke. sasuke has already killed danzo so what is his thought process what is his next move??

by immikeporter
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Well, Saucegay is a total fag, so I wouldn't count on him really changing his ways.

Posted by FadedDreams 2 years ago

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Posted by icunichjera 2 years ago

lmfao @ FadedDreams true that he only got his powers by Itachi the true Uchiha and sad he pretended to lose to him he was the shit but furthermore Sasuke will continue to hate Leaf and we shall see the epic battle between Sasuke and Naruto

Posted by MkiddRocks 2 years ago

Now that Sasuke knows Itachi's true intentions and the way he cared for him and what really happened before and during the Uchiha clan massacre I hope that he stops going for his petty revenge. (he's not even getting revenge for Itachi, just for his own satisfaction) Also Danzou wanted Itachi to spare Sasuke's life, it wasn't that Itachi went against orders and saved sasuke over the village.

Posted by Kiamo217 2 years ago

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Posted by aunewaudemars 2 years ago

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