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The one who knows everything
So, who do you think Sasuke is mentioning in this last manga, at first read I thought he might be saying orochimaru is the one who knows everything but after reading it a couple times over (because kishi is always so vague that you have to) I think he could possible be talking about the 1st hokage! That is my theory and im sticking to it. He would know all about the "Clan and the Village" as Sasuke said at the beginning and we have all seen the giant tree that is housing the first hokage's body.... Actually while typing this I thought about the fact that the 1st soul was sealed by the 3rd... but there could be some kind of loop hole i mean look at madara, practically raised himself from the dead. Anyway what do you guys think. Obviously my theory has a GIANT whole in it but im not asking for anyone to pick at mine, just to talk about theirs

by Rasenraikiri
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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