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the one who knows every thing
it looks like orochimaru isn't the one who knows everything so my idea is that the one who know everything is the snake sages. I'm pretty sure they were the ones who taught kabuto sage mode so I'm assuming that they know a lot. the toad sages also seemed to know a lot. so tell me what you think

by ericdana73
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Why would Orochimaru be taking Sasuke to Tobi's hideout? What could possibly be there for him? And why would Orochimaru be taking Sasuke to meet the elders right now, during a war? Sasuke wants to understand Itachi's feelings. He wants to understand what a village is, what a clan is, etc. If anything, I think it'll either be Sasuke's parents, who he'll be meeting, or someone who personally knew about Itachi and what he went through. Right now, Sasuke only knows half of the story behind the Uchiha massacre. I bet he wants to know everything, in regards to that, by finding out the Uchiha's side of the story.

Posted by chris.nickens 2 years ago

Another thing is Them and the 'one who knows everything' possibly not the same people. orchimaru refers to people (them), doesnt necessary mean he is referring the "one who knows everything", But are people who orchimaru can see sasuke want to meet to find the truth.
I am guessing he wants to meet the uchiha clan and his parents. I feel like there is more to the Uchiha massacre. Like they were killed because they found out the truth or some secret and killed for it. Where is the uchiha clan? Where are there bodies? How come they werent revived with edo tensei? Maybe sasuke revived orchimaru because he thinks it is only way to find way to communicate with his clan when they are dead.

Posted by kent0005 2 years ago

@kent0005 Great Point were are the bodies of the Uchiha if the were they massacred and why was the only one brought back with Edo was Madara, I can't take credit but I do remember someone saying possible the Uchiha either survived or they all were in on tricking everyone to believe the fail from a coup de grah. I'm still on the fences about if Sasuke will meet his parents or if he's going to meet someone never introduced in the series. My point is that I don't believe Sasuke's parents know everything, I just think it's way pass that, the Naruto Series always throws us for loop that's why we all love it and talk about it and follow it.

Posted by dootieb98 2 years ago

I remembered Kushina did say something about the Uzumaki clan and the Senju clan is a distant blood relative...the Whirlpool country have been destroyed and the Uzumaki clan been wipe out...there's just a few survivors of Uzumaki...Maybe,the "them" that Oro talking about is the Uzumaki clan...Some of the Uzumakis might be know something that Sasuke wanted to know...If the Uzumaki clan and Senju clan is a distant blood relative,it makes the Uzumaki clan and Uchiha clan is a distant blood relative too,right?...After all,the Uzumaki clan was blessed with a long life...Maybe,their elders from Madara and Hashirama era still alive and they might be know something about the Uchiha and Senju...

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

Madara could possibly be a candidate. And Tobi doesn't really make sense but since Naruto is currently fighting him it would be pretty interesting if they meet under those circumstances. Also, some Uzumaki clan members is a crazy idea. So crazy that I like it. It was said the few remaining members scattered and maybe that scroll spoke of some technique and who could teach it. Sasuke is all about finding more power and the Uzumaki clan was known for its powerful sealing justu. Oro I believe would also be interested in this particular clan because of their longevity. He probably wanted to see how they were able to live for so lolng and that is why he visited that place so many times. What a great guess CekikDaud

Posted by narutoboy05 2 years ago

Cant believe I forgot but Oro would want to know some sealing techs too.

Posted by narutoboy05 2 years ago

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