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Working out who Tobi is
Now its been posted several times there is more the one tobi I personally believe that madara was the first and someone else the second but after browsing through some pics I saw this

Now compare both pics together it does not look like the same person the latter is more wrinkly and looks older and the second looks younger and a different skin tone so its obvious there is a different skin tone so somewhere between itachi v.s sasuke and tobi v.s konan they have switched.
So I narrowed it down to some possible theory's which make sense.
A. The original tobi is using a jutsu similar to orchimarus and is switching bodies.
B. The pervious tobi died and his apprentice took over.
C. A clone.

Now there has been alot of debate on who tobi is obito,izuna etc...
But no one has yet provided with something sound that makes sense to my knowledge.
Now the obito theory is a pretty good one except it was tobi's left side crushed which would mean his sharigan would have been two and it seems that his right side of his body looks like it is made out of that zetsu goop not the left. Now we all gotta admit that his jutsu is very similar to kamui. So as I see it we got a couple of possibilities.
A.Someone stole obito's eye or what was left of it and regenerated it into a more usable form.
B. It is obito he survived somehow which I doubt due to the guy in the pic looking quite old.
C. It is a relative of obito since as we seen with sasuke and itachi that
their eye jutsu seem pretty similar.

I personally think its A or C I feel that the clues have been left for us but we have yet to work them out anyway I would like to hear your guys thoughts on the topic

by Supernova1238
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (26)

I think its Izuna. I also think it wouldn't be out of the question that Tobi recovered Obito's eye after he died. Tobi managed to collect all of the Uchiha massacre victims eyes, so he wouldn't have needed Obito to be alive. Maybe he wanted the eye's space time tech, its basically his bread and butter for combat anyway. As to how and why Tobi would have found out about Obito's death, he could have had Zetsu recording the entire event, with the intent of taking his eye if he died during the war. Tobi previously did this with Itachi.

Posted by cardboard_box 2 years ago

the eye was damaged so he couldnt recover it. but if obito transplanted someone else eye he would still keep his jutsu. just like madara and sasuke

Posted by wombat3476 2 years ago

Quoting wombat3476after recent events i think its obito. kakashis eye tech is the same thing but more advanced. tobi also said it dont matter who i am u wont recognize my face thats a bit point. and his body is messed up right is arm turned into goo. his body could be reconstructed from the accident and since he dont have eyes is why he has a store room full of them. and if his body is some sort of clone or body modification the the argument that he looked older fighting the 4th dosent mean anything. madara was still alive around that time because he knew who nagato was so he could have saved obito and trained him. but who knows

Tobi's Kamui is more advanced (better) than that of kakashi's. There is a lot of ifs with Tobi been obito to make it convincing. Personally, i don't think konoha would have even left Obito's body there where he died.

Also, if it is true that Tobi gave nagato the rinnegan then it means that Tobi existed before Obito was even born because nagato is older than kakashi and obito.

A lot of indications show that Tobi was around way before obito was even born.

Posted by Quajo 2 years ago

I was favoring Izuna on this matter. But after i think back, Obito doesn't seem so farfetched. Not exactly Obito but an altered form or clone of him. We have seen a lot of gene altering in the manga like Madara, Yamato, Danzo, and the White Zetsu's mix with Hashirama. Maybe Tobi sought Obito's eyes because he somehow knew they possessed a powerful space-time ninjutsu. This wouldnt be the first time an Uchiha was targeted for having powerful eyes. The name Shisui comes to mind. Maybe Tobi is a mixture of the two most common hypothesis, Obito and Izuna. Highly unlikely but not impossible. Only Kishi knows.

Posted by narutoboy05 2 years ago

I think it could possibly be Obito... or at least his eyes. To me, it seems that Tobi's techniques are defensive but he can use it to counter attack. Kakashi eye technique are mostly offensive but can be occasionally used to block attacks. Can you see the dots I'm connecting here? Maybe Tobi has one of Obitos eyes and Kakashi has the other. One eye technique for long distance fighting and the other for close range defense. Kinda like Amaterasu and Susanoo.

Posted by chance.peters 2 years ago

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Posted by codiscountlouis 2 years ago

Why does every keep thinking its obito or his eye. You do know there are other uchiha with that ability right. Their was nothing special about obito as far as being an uchiha. Tobi is to old to be obito. Tobi is izuna fused with a zetsu. Here ia what happen. Tobi says hes not as strong as he was since madara n hashirama battle. Well thats true cuz madara took his eyes n he went blind. Next he tell konan the rinnagun was originally his which is also true since madara gave then to nagato. So izuna got a.regular uchiha sharigun but they weren't able to advance to ms. So I think hes planning on taking sasuke eyes when the time is right. Think about this madara was the only one strong enough to summon n control the nine tails. Well tobi can do it also so he must be close to madara level. N itachi did say izuna was madara equal. So izuna should be the obvious first option not some crappy uchiha like obito.

Posted by mrmcdonald 2 years ago

Its not obito but i think its someone relaated to him and they're the same people one is a close up on the wrinkles and one is far away and one looks darker from the explosion but the eyebrows are the exact same and they but have wrinkles

Posted by Davonv2345 2 years ago

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Posted by saesano 2 years ago

The second that the "Trump card" was Madara, I knew Tobi was Izuna.

Posted by SupremeKing 2 years ago