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obito is not tobi, tobi actually is...
the name Tobi was probably ment to mislead people into thinking tobi was obito. They showed obito die so tobi cannot be obito. It has to be someone who knew, liked, or even loved obito, because they used the name tobi which is very similar to obito. One of kakashis regrets is to not have listened to obito from the start. Rin's rescue was more dangorous than it should have been because of kakashis hesitation, which killed obito (CHAPTER 243) and tobi tells kakashi "its to late to regret" (that may be the regret he was talking about). who ever Tobi is he has to be a medical ninja because of the two eye transplants he did on himself. After obito's death Rin disappears. we know she didnt die because they show here looking up at the stars after the forth saves the two of them. (she may even blame the 4th for obitos death as well). Rin is also a medical ninja. No one knows exactly when Madara died, or what happened to Rin it is possible that the 2 of them met, and that their mutual hatered for kanoha was how they become friends. Rin never thanks kakashi for saving her. Read chapter 243 and 244 it will tell you everything you need to know about why Tobi is Rin. i wonder what kakashi will do because he vowed to always protect her.

by jon_lee87
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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And i do mean man cuz of the deep voice and no titties whatsoever

Posted by Rasenraikiri 2 years ago

Are you serious.... Tobi is clearly a man. No girl features whatsoever. Please come back with a more suitable response to who Tobi is.

Posted by SupremeKing 2 years ago

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