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Another Madara/Tobi Opinion
Just a theory but this is seeming more and more like a "dread pirate Robert's" personality. (hopefully there are people old enough here that get the Princess Bride reference)

The original masked attacker was Madara. This satisfies the questions of how come the masked attacker was an adult during the fight with the 4th hokage. Years after the kyuubi escape during 2nd ninja war, when Kakashi took the eye from Obito, Obito was found and saved by Madara. After being healed Obito was trained and raised by Madara after finding out about the death of Rin (hence him growing and reaching an elite level). This solution also satisfies the comments that Tobi obtained "his eye" during the battle of the bridge that made Kakashi famous.

As to why Obito is mad at Konoha and Kakashi, it is because of the death of Rin, whom Obito loved and cherished.

When Madara eventually died, Obito assumed the persona that Madara had developed and gave himself a new name, Tobi.

I believe this is the best and most likely solution for what has been going on. Any comments would be appreciated.

by jlfullerton1
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Also, for all of you commenting on Obito's age and appearance being an issue... Remember that he got crushed by a giant boulder and then that he potentially got crushed by numerous smaller rocks. It wouldn't be surprising if his body retained a shitload of scars, enough to make him look older than he actually is. This is even more likely since we haven't seen his full body yet. We've only seen a small percentage of what he actually looks like. What looks like age could be a tremendous amount of scarring and permanent damage to his body.

Posted by chris.nickens 2 years ago

sorry bro not enough evidence mayber you're right but fact is if tobi wanted revenge on Kakashi wouldnt you think he would just kill him and how about this moon plan of his being the real Madara was revived and still in place im pretty sure if he selected tobi to be his student he would double team to kill all the kages and capture naruto and the eight tails since Madara has the Rinnegan just saying thou

Posted by MkiddRocks 2 years ago

Posted by ffdmifflinstan 2 years ago

Can I just get a second to say "I told you all so". I was right about Obito wanting revenge for Rin. About Obito/Tobi being the apprentice/associate of Madara. Correct about Obito taking over the Madara personality after the death of Madara. And most importantly, I was correct about the princess bride reference, Tobi really is the new dread pirate Roberts...

Too easy.....

Posted by jlfullerton1 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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