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zetsu is tobi
My tobi theory is that tobi is zetsu.

I recently just had this epiphany moment in which i realized tobi is zetsu.
What i think happened is that after Hashirama and Madara fought, zetsu absorbed(by eating)the corpses of Hashirama and Madara which would explain why tobi has both senju and uchia dna. Also because the white zetsu part can be reproduced by the 1st dna meaning they have similar characteristics. After all why not in third databook it says "Zetsu's hobby is observing unique shinobi." Which shinobi are more unique than them

Split personalities
Zetsu is seen having split personalities between his white and black part. Tobi also exhibited this with his introduced personality that was
childish and hyper. While later he changed to a serious one like that of black zetsu.

Healing Powers
Tobi is seen with really similar healing powers to zetsu. It appears that
he can lob off body limbs whenever and just grow them back, each time he did that the limbs looked liked they oozed out white liquid similar to zetsu.

Closeness to zetsu
When tobi was first introduced tobi clinged to zetsu. They seemed to know
each other for a while and zetsu actually got annoyed by him like with white zetsu. In the Third databook it says "Wherever 'Tobi' is, Zetsu is never far behind."

Other reasons
Zetsu appeared at the statues before to observe naruto and sasuke fight.
Zetsu's age was never revealed.
Zetsu appeared with Hashirama's skin color in the anime.
Hair style when maintained is similar to zetsu.
Zetsu said he would share the itachi Vs sasuke fight with tobi even though he was not there as if they were connected somehow.

former hole
A former problem with this theory is kakashi style techniques, but he said that he got the sharingan during the third shinobi war in which he could have got from obito.

Only remaining hole
Revived madara exhibited fire techniques that tobi never used yet according to the manga.Only earth style but that does not mean he does not have it.

obviously tobi is not the exact same Zetsu. Maybe a clone or another of similar techniques. Also zetsu would not have a motive but maybe madara possessed his consciousnesses by use of the sharigan the zetsu obtained.
despite believing this theory I in no way believe zetsu is the master mind of the akatsuki.

i actually feel somewhat disappointed that tobi probably isn't obito which was my first theory or izuna my second but zetsu makes more sense.

by zetsu_a_good_boy
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Not bad. Theres no doubt about it that zetsu has a part in who tobi is.. but think about this theory.. What if after the hashirama & madara battle, before Madara fully dies, he creates tobi.. I think that zetsu was already created & maybe even dates back to ancient times where so6p & his sons existed. but anyways.. I think zetsu & madara worked together & devised a plan together. Nothing is known of what happened when Madara left the hidden leaf village & trained. I think that he met up with zetsu & devised a plan on creating tobi & also the idea of waging a war in the future. Madara already knew that he would die during the battle with hashirama (seeing that he was the strongest ninja of their time) and began planning on a way to bring himself back to life in a time period where hashirama or any senju existed so that he can fully destroy the leaf without any body to stop him.. Well, after agreeing on a plan, Madara heads back to the village to challenge Hashirama (with zetsu observing the fight) & dies. Zetsu then comes & create tobi using Madara's remaining chakra. After creating Tobi, Zetsu prompts tobi on everything he needs to do to complete madara's plan. I think the main person pulling the strings on everything that happens is Zetsu. The idea that Madara & Zetsu devised a plan about creating tobi as a pawn to bring himself back to life can be supported by the fact that Kishi stated that Madara & tobi know each other.

Posted by omg_evrynameistaken 2 years ago

those are good ideas i think, from both of you

Posted by Rasenraikiri 2 years ago

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kennysan04: I believe tobi is a name that represents a cause...In other words....tobi has not always been the same person..It started off with madara and when madara died his apprentice picked up after....it would explain why he is carrying out madaras moons eye plan....even when the real madara was dead (and now revived with edo tensei.) it would explain why he was there during the fourth hokages time...it would also explain why he pretty much knows everything; past present and future. if tobi represented a cause then every "tobi" would need to have access to the same resources....and it makes sense because when tobi was asked who he was…. recently he said "i am no one" i guess u can say he is kinda like Pain (aka) Nagato...As nagato said..."Pain is the name that denotes the six of us"

Posted by kennysan04 2 years ago

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