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by emakimeister
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (36)

nice try to make reading the mangas slick but tooo small... i make it full screen on my 18 in screen and i can hardly see the words still

Posted by joevsyou 3 years ago

wow great chap!
cant w8 for the war

Posted by Mplekos 3 years ago

some of our favorites are going to die

Posted by nlkc1409 3 years ago

This is gonna be a long war. There is a lot of ninga's in the spot light and i can't wait to what else naruto has to go through.

Posted by cdulee 3 years ago

it's to bad they only allow one page to discussed the chap....not like the old days...

Posted by nick-a-nu 3 years ago

WW4 nice

Posted by tharindu837 3 years ago

KILLERBEE SAID: now it's time for the final part....it's gonna be sad.
you're gonna feel helpless, but don't get mad, 'cuz it's time to start....
sounds like they're gonna spar with each other or something.

Posted by madelle08 3 years ago

@ madelle08
that's what I got from it

Posted by nick-a-nu 3 years ago

loving the chapter can't wait for the fighting to start

Posted by jameel1990 3 years ago

the big war will start and i can't wait whose gonna win..

Posted by maestro20 3 years ago

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