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The identity of Tobi!
Well, the time is nigh fellow manga readers!

Very soon we shall see Tobi's (AKA the masked man) real face. Now i do know that much discusiion and debate has already been put into discovering the real identity of Tobi.

We know few things about Tobi, however i should list a few key facts about him:

.He supposedly encouraged Yahiko to form the akatsuki
.he is able to control and summon the nine-tailed fox and used it to attack Konaha
.He has obtained Obito's right sharingan from the battle of Kannabi Bridge and had it when he fought Minato
.He controlled the 4th Mizukage
.Finally he met with itachi just before the Uchiha clan massacre

Now considering all these facts, I believe it is unlikely that Tobi is Obito (despite "tobi" being a near anagram of "obito" as Obito would have fought Minato at a young age and been around at the time the Akatsuki was formed. All this after he was crushed as well seems unlikely.
However Tobi does say that Kakashi's "borrowed" power can only be used a few times. Thus inferring that Tobi's power is not borrowed as he speaks to kakashi like an outsider.

Well that's my 2 cents, I would like to know all your opinions.

by Kiamo217
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Posted by sehosekwilf 2 years ago

If he is obito he could have thought the fourth there are loads of powerful people in naruto that are around his age.
Now excluding naruto because he has a jinchuriki.
Sasuke is very powerful for his age.
Itachi was extremely powerful even more if he didnt have that disease.
Tobi never did say he took obitos eye he just said kanabi bridge where kakashi became the hero with the sharigan and he says this in a mocking way.
This could be that it was at kanabi bridge where he awakened his eye.
He could have used the jutsu to teleport himself out of there.
When we last saw obito as well he was alive and last time I checked there are plenty of revival jutsu so even if he did die you could have been healed.
I dont think kishi will switch back to the 5 kages leaving us on the edge of our seats

Posted by Supernova1238 2 years ago

naruto is starting to feel like a soap opera with all the who is the real bad guy ppl dying only to find out theyarent rly dead if kishi makes us wait its officially guiding lights with ninjutsu lol

Posted by adam.neely 2 years ago

here is what i think.
i think he is obito, and the reason why he is still alive is that after he was crushed by a rock, orochimaru recovered him did some freaky experiments on him with zetsu. you guys remember when he was hit by minato's rasengan, his arm was all squishy and falling apart like a clay or something, and also he cut off his hand when he was battling one of danzo's supporters with the bugs. we clearly know that zetsu can merge with the earth and trees, so maybe zetsu also has a type of woodstyle. orochimaru used zetsu's wood style to revive and to immortalize tobi or obito, that being the case we can also recall that the kages were discussing that tobi's immortality was connected to woodstyle. And the scroll suigetsu found might contain the secrets of that immortality jutsu, cause we know that scroll holds something really powerfull. that is my main argument. Another thing i just realized is that obito could have been faking it that he was crushed. he might have used his space-time jutsu to dematerialize his body part that was crushed by the rock, the way tobi always avoids attacks, but i'm not sure about it, its just a guess. The first one I feel very strongly about it, the second not so much. Please reply and tell me what you think.

Posted by tulgaab 2 years ago

by "borrowed power" he can also mean the fact that kakashi is borrowing an UCHIHA'S bloodline kekkei genkai (sharingan). Thus making kakashi an "outsider" .. not to Obito's sharingan, but to the uchiha clan as a whole..

Posted by omg_evrynameistaken 2 years ago

I don't get how you guys count out the jinchuriki's..you act like anyone can hold the power of those beasts, because there's a whole ninja world and as they showed that not even anyone can withstand the 8 tails, so imagine what it takes to hold the 9 tails..Naruto still has sage mode which has been shown to have no match, then Sasuke and Itachi are "UCHIHA's"...they are born strong and genius, they are the direct lineage from the so6 paths, that's the upper hand on damn near everyone besides the people who can be vessels to the tailed beasts which naruto being an Uzamaki and they are the only ones to hold the 9 tails power in such a way..Anybody in the manga born with keke genkai's have the upper hand over someone like Lee, Kiba,etc..Tobi isn't Obito..First he was Madara, now he's Obito, he's just playing the game just like there was power in Madara's name, there's power in Obito's when it comes to fighting Kakashi, it is his eye though, and possibly his body, but we've all seen how the body thing works

Posted by elroyjetson03 2 years ago

I hate the fact that everything is still pointing towards Obito being Tobi it dosent make sense to have him as not just a bad guy but the biggest bad guy. Just in the one mission that we saw him in over and over but he was a gentle kid and admired both Minato and Kakashi even in his death he spoke well of Kakashi and died with the only regret was not to have not turned kakashi around of his thinking sooner. Everything is showing that there was some experimenting done with Tobi and Zetsu, also at some point he may have taken Obito's left eye, so Tobi had to start off as a real person or did he? Tobi called himself Kaenjin Uchiha why didn't he blurt out I'm Obito Uchiha, I still have reserves to say that Tobi is 100% Obito because this is still Naruto and Kishi and there still has to be a reasons why Tobi wears a mask in the first place, he's been hiding his face from the start. THE PLOT THICKENS

Posted by dootieb98 2 years ago

Once again Obito jumps to the lead of Tobi candidtates. Power is not an issue because like many of you said ninja like Sasuke, Kakashi, and Naruto were exceptionally skilled at the age of only sixteen. The only thing keeping me from saying Tobi is Obito is a motive and a picture of his face.
Some things that I cant understand are why such a hatred toward the village and how did he perfect such a strong space time ninjutsu in such a short time.

Posted by narutoboy05 2 years ago

Posted by komikotaophe 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago