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Interview with Kishimoto at Comic Market 78
While visiting Japan for business,me(Victor Sleever) and Mike Birnton, from Viz Media, decided to spare some of our time and go to Comic Market 78, the biggest manga festival in Japan, something that happens only twice a year. The festival lasts for 3 days, from 23 august to 25 august.

After some time wandering around the Tokyo Big Sight convention center, we met Masashi Kishimoto, me and Mike are big fans of Naruto, so it was a really pleasant surprise to be able to talk with him.
He didn't have much time to talk because he was holding a conference in about 30 minutes since we met, we asked if he could reveal some of the things he will talk about at the conference, and surprisingly he said yes.

Mike asked all the questions while I wrote them.
Q:So, what exactly is the conference about?
A:After the identity of Tobi was revealed by one of my assistants, I realized that the next few chapters will leave the fans confused. I had to clear up some misunderstandings, thus, Comic Market was the best place to do it.

Q:Then the rumors are true? Is Toby really Izuna? I thought he died in battle after Madara took his eyes, is that a lie?
A:Well, the truth about his survival is much different, I can't tell you how he survived, you will have to read the next chapters to find out, but yes, Izuna is Tobi.

Q:How come he has eyes now? I thought he was blind.
A:He will reveal that together with his identity, let's just say that the Uchiha clan is much larger than you know.

Q:In an earlier interview you talked about Madara not having any weaknesses, what about Tobi? Is he going to be killed by Naruto after his identity is revealed?
A:Not really, after the way he survived is revealed and what he tries to truly achieve, everyone will change, the truth will hurt a lot of them, it will actually change the history that they know.

Q:What do you mean by that? How will it hurt them?
A:The truth is dark and bloody. Madara is related to why Tobi was supposed to die, you could say that what he wants is revenge, but his brother isn't the only who wanted to kill Tobi, one of the Hokage played a big part in the attempt on his life.

Q:What else?What is going to happen in this fight?
A:You know, Tobi always had this forbidden technique prepared, I wanted him to use it only after his identity is revealed. If you thought that Kabuto's technique for reincarnating people is dangerous, you should see what Tobi prepared.

Q:Why did Izuna hide his identity?
A:Because some of the Akatsuki already know what Madara did to Izuna, they know because someone told them, and they wouldn't be willing to help Izuna. I'm afraid I can't answer any more of your questions, but I'm hoping you will be patient, in the next weeks everything will be revealed.

A short interview that revealed a huge amount of spoilers, what is the truth behind Izuna's past? I guess we are going to find out in the next chapters.

This interview has been copy/pasted from the forums of http://naruto.viz.com/. Because of it's content(the spoilers), the access to that topic has been restricted until 19 September. I took it from there in order to spread the word!

by Voltronic
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Quoting mrmcdonaldJust for the record I did make a post more than a year ago saying tobi was izuna.
No one listens....

Posted by Rasenraikiri 2 years ago

Now who would beat this story line. Its basically the reason why naruto is the best.

Posted by jasonmcx 2 years ago

Quoting jasonmcxNow who would beat this story line. Its basically the reason why naruto is the best.


Posted by xusodran 2 years ago

..i really dont trust this blog 'bout them interviewing kishi, and kishi revealing tobi to be izuna... cus why would kishi reveal such? it will just take the thrill out of the story... so the best option is to wait for the revealing..

Posted by ginbu45 2 years ago

Posted by ddweddingtop 2 years ago

http://www.fandom.com/fandom/naruto/blogs/2372/the -truth-behind-the-comic-market-78-interview/

Posted by Voltronic 2 years ago

so now that this article was proven to be bullshit, how do you want to explain yourself? hahahahahahaha

Posted by Chaos-X07 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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