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Well I know when I'm beat...
wow, i didn't want to see that coming...
It was always the biggest possibility that it was Obito, yet I thought otherwise. Perhaps this is an example of "hiding in plain sight" although it seemed quite obvious to a lot of people. I was trying to dig too deep into something that wasn't there.

Anyways the second I saw the first page of the latest manga I knew Tobi Is Obito.(the names being almost anagrams of each other)
I would still like to hear Obito's reasoning behind what he's doing, and how Madara Uchiha knew of him.

Have a lot of stuff to look forward too coming up in Naruto!

by Kiamo217
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (4)

i agree i didn't want to believe that tobi was obito. it seemed like there was to many reasons why it should have been someone else, but now I'm looking for the reason why obito did what he did

Posted by ericdana73 2 years ago

As for me,I thought Tobi is Izuna...until it has been revealed,I'm still can't believe it...Obito suppose to be a good guy...Obito should be dead from all that fallen rocks...after all,Kishi never make "Kakashi Gaiden" for nothing...he gave us a hint from that chapters...but,I believe,there's 2 Tobis...the 1st Tobi is Madara himself,but obviously he didn't use the Tobi name,he use his real name,Uchiha Madara...and the 2nd Tobi is Obito...

Posted by CekikDaud 2 years ago

i sense the negato plot replaying all over again someone who thinks like naruto (which obito did) turns into super villain now naruto will have to sway his heart and crap

regardless of that though it was all really deceptive... the tards who don't focus on all facts instantly assumed it's obito us fans who care about plot knew 1. he was practically dead 2. he fought the 4th when they where kids, can you say misleading as hell?

i don't mind that it's obito i just want an explanation to many holes in this

also i'm never going to hear the end of the tards who been raging it's obito sense day one they'll be whooping it up for months to come even though the plot is fulll of holes

oh well hope kishimoto ends the anime soon on good terms instead of drawing it out until it dies like bleach or worse morphs into something like what pokemon and yugioh and digimon have where it's on like season 45 or some bs lmao and they've replaced everything about the show

Posted by gabriel.james.meunier 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago