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The Strongest
In the war we've seen some ridiculously strong people. I want to know who the top 10 strongest ninja we've have seen up to date ( meaning no Hashirama). In their prime. Please make sure you tell me Im wrong because I know I forgot some people.

1. Madara 6. Sasuke
2. Tobi 7. Killer B
3. Naruto 8. Fourth Raikage
4. Minato 9. Kakashi
5. Third Raikage 10. Guy

by narutoboy05
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (9)

well that list looks good except for orochimaru, jiraiya, and tsunade, probablly also onoki

Posted by ericdana73 2 years ago

You forgot about Nagato. Nagato should be 5th.

Posted by SupremeKing 2 years ago

I think you also forgot itachi.

Posted by Kira96 2 years ago

nagato should def be there in the top 5 took bee, naruto and itachi to beat him. also missing itachi

Posted by fongy925 2 years ago

When asked about the truth regarding the statement that the fourth hokage was the greatest ninja the hidden leaf village has ever produced, even though the first hokage defeated Madara, he said Minato Namikaze and Hashirama Senju are both the greatest Hokages Konoha has produced so far - and that there is no stronger between the two.

When asked about Itachi following that question, he said that's a really hard call to make. He did clarify that Itachi, in his prime, could definitely have defeated Jiraya, and though he probably wouldn't win, he would give Minato a good run for his money - and had he never gotten sick and followed in Madara's footsteps, would have surpassed Madara.

Sasuke's stronger than the Raikage at this point, as well. That's not a statement that Kishimoto endorsed, but get real; do you really think that a guy Naruto beat (empowered by edo tensei btw) by strategy couldn't also be beaten by Sasuke the same way? Look at his fight with Deidara or Danzou - making observations and acting on them is a department Sasuke will probably always be ahead of Naruto in.

Kakashi vs. Guy is a toughie, and I'm slightly biased towards Kakashi, but I could see it going both ways in a fight to the death. Very odd how Kakashi has gotten so much better at aiming a jutsu which uses his focal point now that he's gotten almost blind in that very eye...

Tsunade deserves no place on that list. She lost to Kabuto, and I don't care if she got caught off guard or whatever reason her fans may say she lost - she's a friggin sannin. Orochimaru or Jiraya would have lol'ed at Kabuto if he even tried. Hell, he could seal both their arms and still get his ass killed against them, but not Tsunade -_-

Posted by sasushippuden 2 years ago

dont get this itachi and nagato, logically, they were more brighter than the others, they actually did some long term plans. but why they didnt search for a good medical ninja out there, there are also some medical ninjas that can bring life the dead, what more with this simple spitting of blood that give them so much trouble. this can only cause by the following:

1. stomach problem like (gastritis)

2. bronchitis, pneumonia (lung cancer)

3. the worst that i can imagine is the gum problem. coz i never saw this two brushing their teeth specially nagato, when he started with some new member of akatski he never rest, and for sure he also forgot to take a bath ever since coz he is so busy. you can see it on his dull and dry hair which should be beautiful coz he is an uzumaki. and do you guys still remember when naruto found his hideout? naruto is in a hurry like he want to finished nagato immediately bfore he killed more of his friends, but suddenly after getting there like 4meters away from nagato he stopped for no reason and started to talk nagato that far. naruto has a smelling ability same with kiba, for sure he cannot stepped any closer and smells terrible, as you can see nagato looks he never stand up and leave his chair for a long time, there are surely times when he feel he had to poop and pee but needs to hold it a bit coz he had a close fight like with jiraiya and through the intense of fight somehow he decided to lost it in his pants that runs through his legs down to his feet and sometimes feels slippery. so konan has a perfect technique for it that everytime she's beside nagato and feels cant take it anymore she easy transform into paper and escaped.

Posted by markdoll 2 years ago

I dont think Tsunade makes the cut. But Jiraiya and Nagato are serious contenders. Itachi also. Orochimaru and Tsunade I find weak in comparison to some of these people on the list.

Posted by narutoboy05 2 years ago

Guys, I haven't this post throughout...i justed wanted to ask that in naruto series who is the best ninja 'shown' (not just retardly mentioned in the series)by the 'variaty of techniques'. I think the answer would be Hiruzen Sarutobi (sandime hokage) and Jiraiya....cant think of anyone else....not counting madara, since i m n following the manga in detail n waiting for it to appear in anime.....what say u !!!

Posted by naqvi80 2 years ago

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