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chapter 600
well chapter 600 has come out on www.mangahit.com (they always post it earlier than most sites) and it is quite a revealing chapter, well not really but it reveals two major plot devices:

1: Obito has waged war and hated the world all because Rin died. Thats very sentimental but a bit too much.(also couldn't Rin be revived with the edo tensei?)
and 2:Madara Uchiha has left the kages and knows Obito somehow, probably to be explained soon. It also seems that Madara is on Obito's side as they are both trying to achieve the same objective I think.

However let's not forget the entire shinobi army is on its way to Naruto, Bee, guy, and Kakashi and the kages are probably doing something too unless madara's killed them all which is a possibility since Madara makes the phrase "overpowered" look away from his burning power and put its face in the dirt.

by Kiamo217
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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my insights would be the same, that obito is the one who recently joined the akatski as a jolly person and will never be the old tobi who starts everything from
attacking the 4th(konoha), manipulating the mizukage(other big officials), help young itachi(uchiha massacre). coz the way madara approach obito and said "You seem to be having fun here", that madara knows obito is new but still he is doing pretty good according to plan.

Posted by markdoll 2 years ago

I'm thinking were going to see the perfect soosano soon. madara wouldn't bring it out twice for the same person but no one at the battlefield has seen it yet

Posted by ericdana73 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago