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Really I do like the drama and the suspense and excitement, but I think all would agree; including you uzumakimadara, that this tobi thing has gone on for long enough. Kishi needs to get in a double or triple episode to finish explaining this tobi thing once and for all. I mean we finally know who he is and now all we know is that he did it because of rin. We know nothing about how he survived, how he trained, the many timeline discrepancies, his connection with Madara. I see tobi alive in at least five more episodes, and that is assuming kishi does not switch the story to the kage, or sasuke and orochimaru.

by immikeporter
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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i agree with you on this one. . . . i mean it still doesnt explain how he hasnt been blind in tht one eye he's used it so many times

Posted by cam.rink 2 years ago

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