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The Eye
I was just wondering. How did Nagato get the Rinnegan? Yes the Senju and Uzumaki are distantly related but the Senju got the body of the SO6P. Therefore he wouldn't be able to get the Rinnegan either way. This makes me believe that Tobi who at the time was acting as Madara was telling the truth he gave him the eyes. He wasn't saying Obito Uchiha gave Nagato the eyes but Madara Uchiha gave Nagato the eyes somehow. Madara seemed to know of Nagato, a kid who wasnt even born until years after Madara "death." This I think will reveal a lot about this Madara Obito relationship

by narutoboy05
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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I think "Gave him his eyes", are a play on words like when Obito answered Kakashi when asked where did he get the eye and he responded "the same place you did, the bridge blah blah blah" meaning when they were awakened. I think Madara set it up so his parents would be killed in front of him and knowing he was scared back then it would activate it because he was claser to his parents than anyone else. I think the rinnegan is a characteristic of the Senju clan and the Sharingan, of course, is an Uchiha clan thing. It is harder to awaken the Rinnegan than the Sharingan. Thats why Nagato was targeted because 1. There weren't many Senju/Uzumaki accessable to manipulate 2. they knew it would awaken if the only people he was close to were killed in front of him. Thats the only way to explain "how" he got it. Look at this fact Obito was crushed as a child while still a pupil of Minato, which mean this happened AFTER Nagato had the rinnegan because Minato was trained by Jiraiya AFTER he trained Nagato. Obito was recovered by Madara at an advanced age EYES IN TACT so how could they have implanted the eyes into Nagato if he had the eyes already? While playing as Madara thats what he meant by "Im only taking back what I gave him" He is taking the eyes from him that Madara "gave" him by having his parents killed

Posted by CBAperson 2 years ago

Plus, Madara has the Senju DNA implanted in himself so thats why he was able to activate it. It would be funny if Madara killed Sasuke and Naruto awakened the Rinnigan from that...lol just saying that would be funny...

Posted by CBAperson 2 years ago

lol. i get your point bro but you miss something. if nagato activated his OWN rinnegan bcoz of the trauma he get from how his parents got killed infront of him, then most of the uzumaki might activated their OWN rinnegan too that easy coz during the war for sure a lot of uzumaki/senju-related-blood were brutally killed infront of their family and love one's but no one in history said they acquired rinnegan after.

but you have a good thought pointing rinnegan could be a senju+uchiha thing.
coz after madara acquired the DNA of harashima and combined to himself that could be the time he had the rinnegan.
and this could be one of the reason why danzo experimented the DNA of harashima to himself but then failed to perfect it.

Posted by markdoll 2 years ago

I think its more of an Rinnegan for Senju and Sharingan for the Uchiha. Nagato had only uzumaki DNA in him. As for the parents killed in front of him, it all depends on the person. Like with the Sharingan, some awaken at the death of a loved one, some activate in battle, some activate when witnessing something tramatic. Same here. Nagato could of activated because his parents were killed, another uzumaki could require a near death experience. As for Nagato eyes, how else could it be explained? There is no way Madara could of had Obito implant his(Madara's) eyes in Nagato. there are two major holes there... 1. How could his eyes be implanted by anyone between the split second his parents got killed and he in return killed the leaf ninjas PLUS him not knowing it? He needs time to heal just like Sasuke did when he got Itachi eyes. 2. Nagato awakened his Rinnegan before even meeting Konan and Yahiko, they didnt meet Jiraiya until after THEY met each other. This was before Jiraiya trained Minato. Minato had to train under Jiraiya BEFORE being able to train Obito so there is no way Obito could secretly implant the eyes of a man who rescued him WAY AFTER Nagato already activated the Rinnegan which happened before Obito was even born. 3. Nagato awakened his Rinnegan during the 2nd Ninja war, Obito was crushed and found by Madara with both eyes and an advanced age during the 3rd Ninja war. The only way this could happen is time travel...

Posted by CBAperson 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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