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First off in my opinion the plot was diminished a little because of Tobi being Obito which I still have reserves that Obito was the Tobi that fought Minato.

If Everyone was paying attention to the whole story Madara died after the final battle and not during the fight between him and the first. The story even stated that Madara may have planned that battle and knew that he couldn't win so he was only to acquire the 1st Hokage's DNA. From then on the story is pretty shady Madara may have lived through the 3rd great War according to the last Manga because he know of Nagato as well. It seems Obito is Madara's subordinate because of his reaction when Madara arrived and not even Naruto sensed him coming. This is definitely not the climax of the series especially because Madara stated that Obito was a clone and that he was a clone too. Please tell me what what you think about the new storyline the plot will get instructing because of Sausake's story as well. Everyone is getting used like a tool or should I say like a Ninja....GO...IKU

by dootieb98
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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I also think the one that fought the fourth is still obito or atleast not madara. as shown in the newerst manga madara is an old man when he saves obito. Also i think he was referring to naruto being a clone not obito and himself

Posted by fongy925 2 years ago

The first thing you notice when Minato fought Tobi was Tobi's fighting style it was like Brazilian fighting style or some other style but nothing like how when have been seeing the Tobi fighting in Shippuden as Obito. So this is all explained I don't know.

Posted by dootieb98 2 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago