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Was it an oversight or did it mean something?
Why do Madara, after releasing the ET contract in manga 592 page #6, look normal? No cracks in his face to indicate he was resurrected by ET but when we see him in 601 his face resembles others resurrected by ET with the cracks and all?

by CBAperson
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

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Quoting sasushippudenIt was an oversight, and a stupid one at that. I noticed it too. To the above poster, why would he take damage from killing the five kages when the five kages + naruto couldn't even lay a finger on him?

bc he was in a fight with 5 of the strongest ninja's in the war and they managed to lay more than a finger on him more than once so its not so far fetched to say that they hit him once or twice before he ran off after fighting them

He was toying with them. Besides, even if they fataly injured him that doesn't mean his body should like as if it's still being controlled by Edo Tensei. It was just an oversight.

we dont know what happens when someone breaks the contract for all we know he keeps all the benefits that go with ET like regeneration etc no one has ever broken it before so he could still look like that if he was regenerating from an attack

I understand your point, but I have re-read the manga and here's what Madara said before he broke the contract:

"There is one risk to this jutsu. That is, as long as you know the seal, you can release Edo Tensei's summoning contract itself. There's nothing more troublesome than doing that. An undying body... Unlimited chakra... It can't be helped. Tell the one who summoned it -*Madara Releases ET*- you shouldn't carelessly use forbidden jutsu!"

I should mention that during the scene he releases Edo Tensei, his body no longer shows cracks; this may have very well been the oversight. Judging by Madara's explanation, however, he says that you can release ET's contract if you know the seal to jutsu and there is nothing more troublesome than doing that.

Following after saying there is nothing more troublesome than doing that, he mentions the undying body and unlimited chakra. It seems to me he means there is nothing more troublesome than releasing the contract yourself, rather than the summoner releasing the contract, because the undying body and unlimited chakra is given to the contracted.

You may be right, though. I admit I'm not 100% sure about this, but pretty sure he shouldn't be showing cracks anymore.

Posted by sasushippuden 2 years ago

Posted by codiscountlouis 2 years ago

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