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the biggest threat...
I think,the biggest threat to the shinobi world is not Obito or Madara...it's Sasuke instead...

by CekikDaud
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (15)

common guys too much credit for everyone if it wasnt for itachi sasuke would have died without itachis powers! Itachi was the best had SusanoO and also had shishis eye bam! he just knew he was dying and thought of his lil bro why!!! lol even when he was resurrected he showed sasuke watsup wtf he owned Kabuto or whatever that dragonfly guy is lol

Posted by MkiddRocks 2 years ago

And remember that Kabuto isn't really that much of a threat anymore since Orochimaru is resurrected and took his powers away from Kabuto. I don't see Sasuke being as big of a threat as you make him out to be. Sure, he has the Susano'O and what not but Madara and Obito both have the Rinnegan and Sharingan. Madara also has the perfect Susano'O as well. We will see what happens. I won't analyze any further because I hate Sasuke with a passion. All that Itachi did for him and the village and he still chooses hate...idiot.

Posted by FadedDreams 1 year ago

Most people wont agree with you because they hate sasuke. But your probably right. What people dont understand, or dont want to understand is that sasuke has more potential than itachi. That isnt just me talking it was said in the anime... and we all remember how badass itachi was. People hate to give sasuke the credit he deserves but one day ( and maybe soon) he might become one of the biggest threats the leaf has ever seen... or its greatest ally.

Posted by sasukeuchiha1100 1 year ago

Quoting naqvi80
Quoting wombat3476how can u say sasuke is weak he fought the raikage fair and would have won he beat danzo, the only one to whip his as is the 8 tails, sasuke is smart he breaks down jutus in the middle of a fight and plans far ahead look at how he planned for itachi, sasuke has been clouded with anger since itachi died thats why he has been acting stupid.
but i also dont agree sasuke isnt a threat if anything he will help naruto
Sauske got his ass creamed against kages, again if it wasnt for tobi/obito that saved him..he was too arrogant about black fire which raikage took it away with his attack..his susanoo melted against mizukage.... and yes for itachi...itachi could have killed him anytime if he wanted to...even in the end itachi had the upper hand and died with a upper hand and gave some powers to sauske on top of it....the author is showing his character in a very nice way that how hate consumes one and one's potential.....

yea sasuke got creamed by elite shinobi. kage level shinobi and sasuke's what 16 or 17. He gained the ability to stand up to them within 3 years. Quit hating on sasuke. also the itachi fight... sasuke lost and itachi let him win... but itachi is bad ass. sasuke aint on that level yet, but he aint weak either.

Posted by sasukeuchiha1100 1 year ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

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