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rin, a white zetsu
i know that my other blogs are not accurate at all. But, i believe that rin may perhaps just be a white zetsu clone. which is why kakashi killed her. It makes sense, madara wanted to make sure obito would return to him; so, he showed obito something he knew would make him return. The only problem with my theory is that kakashi gained the mangekyo ability after killing rin. But maybe the chakra imprint of her in the white zetsu clone was enough to fool the sharingan. Only time can tell.

by the_buddhist
Written: 2 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (10)

Yea ur rite when u say ur posts are inaccurate...

Posted by Pitmist 2 years ago

inaccurate since shes dead

Posted by raos89 2 years ago

yea bro shes dead lol she was a trader and kakashi lived by the code no buts!

Posted by MkiddRocks 2 years ago

well idk about the rin being a zetsu it might be true... kakashi hasnt said how rin died well no one have... all we know is that she was killed in battle as we've seen in the memorial stone... also kakashi's MS was originally obito's so since they are the same eyes perhaps the emotions of obito seeing rin die awakened the mangekyo sharingan and since they are the same eyes kakashi awakened his aswell. see how he collapse and see how we never seen kakashi use the mangekyo sharingan before the biggining of shippuden. maybe he didnt know he had it until naruto left to train with jaraya... im just saying it might be a possibility

Posted by yuki0313 2 years ago

^ Kakashi passed out when he unlocked MS, so he probably didn't know about it until later on.

Posted by SupremeKing 1 year ago

like i said...

Posted by yuki0313 1 year ago

We can assume kakashi and obits eyes are connected : awakened ms at the same time.
Madara intended for obito to return.
Madara wanted obito to awaken his ms(he also knew the requirements needed to activate ms- kill a friend)
Madara knew he should break the ties between obito and and his friends(kakashi &rin).

Place obito in a dream that could effect kakashi(eyes are connected) kakashi kills rin. Obito breaks his ties with konoha and activates ms. Kakashi made to forget about the ms he activated.

Just a theory. Million possibilities.

Posted by Zoomaster 1 year ago

been thinking the same thing that Rin was a white zetsu clone and if so that would mean she's still alive and probably the person Sasuke's refering to as "all knowing".

If not then it is also possible that the Kirigakure(hidden mist) shinobi's were the white Zetsu sent to capture Rin.

Posted by xaioque 1 year ago

She's dead why would Obito go thru all of this if she WAS ALIVE!!

Posted by Perfect-A 1 year ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago