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Why Did Madara Give Away His Rinnegan?
If Madara was the one who actually awakened the rinnegan, what forced him to give it away to Nagato?

Initially, I assumed it was because Madara was weak with age. But then the rinnegan gives one the ability to suck in others life-force to revive one's body. Madara could have regained his youthfulness with that ability.

I think Madara never truly awakened rinnegan in his lifetime. what do you think.

by Quajo
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (9)

Madara awakened the rinnegan close to his death- he really did not have the time to learn all the move from the rinnegan if u think about it.

Posted by rockleeoo 1 year ago

well considering that by time he awakened it he was trapped in a cave attached to the gedo mazou and if he left he wud die i doubt he had any bodies to just suck the life force from lying around in all likely hood he had a white zetsu plant the eyes in nagato

Posted by hotrich64 1 year ago

I'm just guessing here, but maybe Madara knew of the Rinnegan's power over life and death and thus gave it's power over to Nagato, whom he may or may not have known was an Uzumaki. It's been stated before that the Uzumaki have distant relations with the Senju, and due to that, with Hashirama. That lineage was most likely necessary for the Rinnegan to develop.

Posted by Braeker 1 year ago

He gave Nagato his Rinnegan and gave Obito instructions to have Nagato use the path's powers to bring him back to life right before reviving the 10 tails. The ONLY reason he gave them to nagato is because being a Uzimaki (however its spelled) gives him the chakara to use it without it killing him (Like giving a none Uchiha the Sharingan and they have it one all the time and look through it.

Posted by CBAperson 1 year ago

madara didn't think/plan to be resurrected without his soul which is why he expected nagato's revival jutsu. and rockleoo's right,madara knew about the power's because he's able to read the tablets to an extent no oneknows besides the So6P so far,but didnt have enough time to work 'em out so he planned ahead to use nagato through obito.

Posted by TyrisSama 1 year ago

@rockleeoo, hotrich64: Madara couldn't have been that old when he awakened the rinnegan. Madara died during the 3rd shinobi world war. Nagato had the rinnegan even in the 2nd shinobi world war.

if Madara was the one who gave nagato the rinnegan, then madara awakened the rinnegan long before his death in the cave. So I believe something else other than old age force Madara to give the rinnegan to Nagato.

Posted by Quajo 1 year ago

I think he gave it to him to bring him back to life later, Because he knew he was going to die soon. If you think about it, when he came back, the first thing he thought was that nagato brought him back. He probably thought everything was going according to his plan, but as we know it happened slightly differently.

Posted by sasukeuchiha1100 1 year ago

Obito's statements could've been true after all when he said that he was greatly wounded during their battle with Hashirama. That could've prevented Madara from using some powerful jutsus. Although we all know that Obito is just pretending to be Madara, his imitation is ridiculously pretty well to the point that he already thinks that he is Madara.

Posted by jasonmcx 1 year ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago