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Senju & Caesar's Way
For those familiar with mythology you'd notice that Leaders usually lose their lives to their offspring (most notable the Caesar Family) Danzo was right to say that ideologies of the 3rd was weak; my point being

Sensei/Hokage/Almost Kage Student/World Criminal
Hiruzen Saratobi Orochimaru (Killed Master)
Jiraiya Nagato (Killed Master)
Minato Tobi (Killed; well kinda)
Kakashi Sasuke (failed to kill)

Anyone see a pattern here seems the Senju way is to teach world class criminals i agree you can't be responsible for peoples actions but someone has to be if it's every generation its happening. Can't wait to see who Naruto will train following the wrong path. Oh if anyone can clear up why Nagato killed Jiraiya i was hoping the latest flasback would explain but oh well. . .even though Jiraiya was a former acquaintance shinobi usually capture an interrogate spies so i was really confused as to why he killed him.

by xaioque
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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because he infiltrated his village and was tryinh to leak info about akatsuki back to the leaf. that's a death penalty anyway since jaraiya chose to fight to the death and he is the only one who knows that nagato's real body isn't amongst the 6 paths of pain besides konan obito andzetsu

Posted by TyrisSama 1 year ago

Posted by liilliejosh 1 year ago

Posted by liilliejosh 1 year ago

Simple Nagato is a ruthless mofo

Posted by sasukeuchiha1100 1 year ago

nice post.

Posted by mickowafer 1 year ago

I hear you, the senju only ever thought about themselves and their lapdogs that is why the village has been on the receiving end of two nine-tails attacks, two attempts to take over the village and the village being destroyed.

Posted by LukeUchiha1 1 year ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago