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Critical Inquiry for 607
I will probably do this for every Naruto chapter that has a significant amount of knowledge, let's look at what we can extrapolate from the current knowledge of Naruto as of chapter 607:
"A pathetic shell of his former self", oh if only Itachi knew how true it was. See, in chapter 607 we have confirmed that Madara had the capacity to materialize life through cells and vice versa to give material to his life; the materialized black pole that would be his will. The reason Madara came across as such a wimpering bitch when he met Obito met him is because he had already materialized most of his will, and the remaining bit of that will as life through black zetsu (which explains his near robotic personality).

So this entire thing was a plan to bring back Madara with his will intact with his youth and retaining the rinnegan for himself, which thanks to Kabuto "carelessly using forbidden jutsu!", is accomplished on crack...

Ah, yes, even when he's dead you really haven't washed your hands off of arguably the most retarded ninja series. The chaos that is brought about by his lack of ethical concern brings us back to Danzou, who let's not forget, knew "Tobi" as Madara as well. Now what Shady deal could he have possibly pulled that would be worth bringing up or somehow new to this chapter?

Simple: Yahiko hated Obito. Obito's a snake and Yahiko was simply intuitive enough like Itachi to know he was full of shit; it was Yahiko's intervention that initially prevented Obito from luring Nagato into his trap, and thus his death was probably Nagato's gateway to pain and Akatsuki.

Now do you think Danzou being familiar with Obito as Madara and also tipping the scales into his hand for a huge reward was a coincidence? Nuh-uh: Danzou and Hanzo both had no benifit from making either Yahiko or Nagato die - take a guess at who set that part of the deal up...

So now we totally get Obito, and I've got to say this as a consistent fan of Kishimoto: weak shit. Please hear me out, because I can assure you that criticism is absolutely fair, and anyone who thinks Obito's role in the Moon's Eye plan or even the Moon's Eye plan in and of itself in this story were executed with the same capacity Kishimoto has written, they are dead WRONG!

Now in fairness, given that Kishimoto's series is actually highy symbolic, it should be noted that my best guess at its intrepresentation is religion; that is not confirmed, however. This plan has essentially been the vague and almost arbitrary arguement of perfection between Madara and Obito, but quite frankly, couldn't you have put this stupid excuse on ANY character and gotten away with it?

Kisame was at least special for it because he HAD to lie to his teamates and he HAD to kill comrades so he felt he lived in a world of lies; Kisame would have made a great subordinate. Obito? He lost the love of his life at age... 13. But lets make of Sasuke for seeming so insensible about not destroying the clan that put him and the person who loved him the most endure psychological torture... If you people were consistent, you'd realize that Obito's excuse is even fucking worse than Sasuke's by a light year!

by sasushippuden
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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Quoting mickowafernice ASSumption.. keep it tight!

Nice irony, woosh....

Posted by sasushippuden 1 year ago

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