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What If...
Remember, the Sot6p had a hard time controlling the ten tails, I wonder if Madara can do it... I think... The Ten Tails awakens and realizes it is missing Chakara and before Madara can seal it within himself it grabs Madara and notices Madara is revived using Edo Tensi. Since he is revived this way he has unlimited Chakara and can't die...like a tailed beast. So the Ten Tails seal Madara within himself using Madara like a battery to make up for the missing 8 and 9 tails. Obito sees this and joins sides with Kakashi because the ten tails took away his master and they fight along with the 8 and 9 tails. Around this time Sasuke and Orochimaru appear at the hideout where the First Hokage, Yamato and the flower is. Once there Orochimaru uses the Scroll to combine some of Sasuke's and The First's DNA and revive a Weakened version of the Sage of the 6 paths. He Explains his sons and the dark past of the Uchiha and how he watched over them and tells Sasuke he has the power of choice to change it all. The Sage senses the 10 tails and a look of fear comes over his face as he teleports them all there to see whats going on. Once there Kakshi, Guy, Naruto and Bee are almost dead. The 8 and 9 tails see the sage and is over joyed and refills his strength and Chakra. The Sage and the Ten Tails Square off. Kakashi tells Obito the truth about Rin where somehow she was involved with him getting crushed and thats why he killed her, to avenge him. Obito cries when he realizes he was wrong. An Epic Battle happens with the end as the Sage seals the Ten Tails back inside of himself with Madara with it freeeing the world of Madara once and for all. Naruto returns to Konoha with Sasuke and becomes Hokage and appoints Sasuke a high position with him...There is peace in the land from the Joint Shinobi Forces and the story moves from there... Maybe not, but I wonder...

by CBAperson
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (13)

agreed i very much wanna see naruto and sasuke go at it full power i kinda feel like theres no point tho if sasuke turns good. would you rather see them work together full power or go at it full power? either way madara's gotta go he's the strongest one there no. he's ridiculous right before the tentails came out he's jus sittin there chillin, talking about "clearing the battlefield" because he can do that with ease.

Posted by hirokuroza 1 year ago

That's a lil bit too far fetched for my taste... Especially the part where Naruto appoints a high position to Sasuke: Sasuke would never accept that, snotty as he is. xD
I could imagine Obito making up his mind and switching sides though. But the rest of it.. naw, rather not.
But since I've learned from my mistake, by denying the possibility of Obito being Tobi, I'm not going to say "never" ever again in terms of Naruto Shippuuden. xP

Posted by SupaflyTNT 1 year ago

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