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Most of you should know and by know realize that naruto and bleach are coming to and end and personally it sort of sadness me becasue theyre both anime i grew up with and at the same time im graduating so its like the end of all things. i dont care and definately dont mind sharing that both bleach and naruto and plenty of other manga/anime have inspired me and kept me very entertained growing up. theyre both should be at done in about a year maybe and it sucks to see it all end but i do look foward to it the future and other captivating anime/manga.

by hirokuroza
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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I felt the same about DB, DBZ & Inuyasha. But then came Naruto. As long animes/mangas never gets old, you'll never get too old for good animes/mangas as well!

Posted by SupaflyTNT 1 year ago


Posted by hirokuroza 1 year ago

dbz best anime ever naruto has became my 2nd fave, but look for yu yu hakasho or rurouni kenshin samurai x, also great in their own right

Posted by raos89 1 year ago

Yeah, it kind of makes me sad too. I've watched/read these series for so many years and seeing them end will be difficult. And there's not much hope of me finding a new series that I love, as I've only liked a few since I started watching Naruto and Bleach in 2006, and all of them were short 1-2 season anime. None of the new "epic" long term manga/anime that have popped up really interested me.

Posted by shikamaru31789 1 year ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago