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The one who knows everything, the Hokage`s.
When Orochimaru brought back the Hokage`s, the 3rd hokage was still an old man. Aren`t they supposed to be brought back when they were in their prime? I know for sure he wasn`t at his prime at that age because it showed when he fought Orochimaru. So why was he brought back as an old man?

And also, do you think Orochimaru would allow them control their own movements? Because if that`s the case, the 2nd hokage would easily break out and shit would go down.
What do you guys think might happen with the first hokage? It`s pretty obvious that he`s going to be the one taking on Madara. What do you guys think the 4th hokage is going to do?

by SupremeKing
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (15)

I knew suppen like this was gonna happen so the death reaper technique is now rendered useless officially.

Posted by jolas 1 year ago

Assuming that Orochimaru is able to control their movements perfectly I would say that the Hokages aren't going to help the alliance unless it somehow benefits sasuke or orochimaru.

Posted by Juntao619 1 year ago

it has nothing to do with their prime...it's all about their DNA...if Orochimaru have a DNA of Hiruzen at his old age,so his ET is an old men...look at Chiyo,Sasori's grandmother...She was been summoned as an old lady...Obviously,Kabuto got Chiyo DNA when she fight with Sasori...it's only different in Madara case...I don't know how Kabuto able to summoned Madara in his young age...there must be something Kabuto put in Madara DNA to make it looks young...

Posted by CekikDaud 1 year ago

if i am right and remember it right the ones who get summoned back to life will get the same age and body from the moment they died.
that's what i remember.

Posted by superarmeen 1 year ago

Madara is young because kabuto modified him, simply put, ET does bring you back to the age you were when you died

Posted by jolas 1 year ago

yeah thats true that ET does bring you back to the age you were when you died, but about Madara it was revealed that he is not just like his prime but a better version too...he didnt had rannegan when he died, yes he implanted them in Nagatu eyes but didnt get those back before dieing...however he was revived with fully awakened ranegan...either there is a explanation for this flip flop or Kishi has screwed it up once more....

Posted by naqvi80 1 year ago

No it said that he modified madara with hashiramas cells which is why he was brought back at a young age. if u remember he didnt die when he fought hashirama he died an old man once he new obito wld help him with his plan he committed suicide. And its pretty obvious that hashirama is going to fight madara but only after madara and obito beat naruto and they will try to extract it but his dad will come and fight obito again but now he will see his face and fuck his ass up!! Boom and also hashirama has rinnegan.

Posted by Pitmist 1 year ago

Its possible that orochimaru was researching the Reaper death seal after seeing it in his fight against Saratobi and failing to get his hands replaced by Tsunade (doubt she could've help anyway) and before he could try to use the Oni he got absorbed by Sasuke

If you paid attention to the chapter carefully you'll notice that he hasn't placed a kuni-seal on the kage's so they'll be free to make whatever actions they see fit (that can't be good for Oro seeing as he killed Saratobi). Its kinda lame thought that Orochimaru has to use an Oni mask to cast the Reaper-sealing-jutsu but i must also commend him for being the first person to survive using it. Lets see what tricks he has for Edo-Tensei-ing those that found peace and spirited away (e.g. Sasori)

I once complimented Kabuto for being the best Edo-Tensei user and possibly a well rounded shinobi(ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu, senjutsu, medical Ninjutsu, plus ET= just imagine him fighting a large squad and as soon as one of his opponent dies he ET's them back to fight the others and so on) but i think Orochimaru deserves a round of applause for this one.

Posted by xaioque 1 year ago

well also i think that it was hard for me to believe that ori has died and likewise the fate that met Jiraya, itachi, Nagato, and many more but...may it be a antagonist or protagonist, but i accepted it since it made sense that everything is carried on with the new generations...one can see that for bad guys from madara to all the way to sauske there is a chain and same is the case for good guys from Hishirama to Naruto...but this bringing back of long died/gone characters (madara, tobi=obito, 4 hokages) makes the other strong characters (jiraya, itachi, nagato, 3rd raikage, gara, kabuto, Kakashi, Lee, Guy, Shikamaru, Akatsuki guys) worth nothing and it belittles them....kinda not happy with that...its feels like a freakin SOAP serial now...i hope Kishi ties up the storyline in a manner that it doesnt compromises the integrity of the series...

Posted by naqvi80 1 year ago

till the revelation of tobi=obito, and Madara summoned (more as breaking through the ET jutsu)...I was of the view that i have not seen a show with such complete effects, storyline, characters, soundtracks and emotions, etc etc...regardless may it be a anime, serials, movies, manga or whatever...but now that feeling seems to fade away...i seriously hope that it gets better in coming storyline and in the end of it...

Posted by naqvi80 1 year ago

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