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Arigato Tobirama
Quoting Tobirama SenjuThe Uchihas are the ones who valued love and friendship above all else, so much so that they deemed it necessary to seal them off.... When an uchiha comes to know those strong feelings, It's as if a torrent is unleashed within, an it awakens something greater. Their feelings are infact too powerful and if unchecked when an uchiha that has know such strong feelings come to loose them, those feelings transform into an indomitable hatred that consumes them, the anquish and despair that proceeds from experiencing such loss causes thier brains to release a special kind of chackra that affects their optical nerves. The eye that reflects their feelings "THE SHARINGAN"

Some examples; Sasuke thinking Naruto is dead(vs Haku), Itachi loosing his friend, Sasuke desperately trying to break a strong bond with his friend Naruto,Tobi loosing his crush, Madara loosing his brother.

In my opinion that kind of information can make Sasuke even stronger.
Still Trying to figure out why the 1'st is so much like Naruto

by xaioque
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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Come to think of it that explains why the mangekyou requires you kill the person closest to you to activate it.

Posted by kelvinallo 1 year ago

i think Kishi really made a conserted effort to make the First similar to Naruto and Madara to Sasuke. Those two are like the modern day Hashirama-Madara conflict and he is possibly setting up another valley of the end battle.
That is as long as Sasuke doesn't go good on us after learning this new knowledge.

Posted by narutoboy05 1 year ago

he will go goood. and all of the bad ass characters in all manga are dumb as hell

Posted by wombat3476 1 year ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago