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Senju's perfect teaching?
I just saw a blog by xaioque have to give props. Under the teachings of the senju, Orochimaru(3rd hokage), Nagato(Jiraiya), Obito(4th hokage) and Sasuke(Kakashi) have been produced. Now if the senju were so ideal and worthy of being kages why has it become a generational thing that not only criminals but world class criminals have been produced by heirs of senju teaching. Like xaioque said, you can't control the actions of people but if the senju's teaching was so great why have people who have been under their teaching become among the most notorious criminals in the world.

by LukeUchiha1
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (23)

bcus those that are taught by senju gain great power but dnt have the same thoughts as most senju have which is love and wanting peace. those that were taught by senju were out for personal gain when they wanted to be taught.

Posted by Pitmist 1 year ago

You say that the senju value love and peace, then how do you explain the uchiha massacre which was ordered by heirs of senju teaching including the third who had the power to stop it but didn't.

Posted by LukeUchiha1 1 year ago

because they knew when the uchiha clan decided things up they will do it no matter what, like the rumor of coup 'd etat. well that could be a big war knowing that uchiha's are really strong and so many innocent lives will surely lost. sometimes killing is the other way of love to achieve peace.

Posted by markdoll 1 year ago

First of all, the worst of all these Senju has not even been pointed out yet: Tobirama. Yes, his students - Danzou and the elders - might as well have been world class criminals as they actually did more damage to their village than Orochimaru; now THAT'S a failed philosophy. You know your philosophy/nindo is jacked up that in attempting to protect the village you cause it more damage overall than people whose very intent was to destroy the village. That being said, only Tobirama fairly stands to be questioned here.

I would relieve Kakashi of any blame regarding Sasuke because while his student did turn out to be a world class criminal, Kakashi was really helpless to do anything about the state of the Uchiha clan and everything he did to keep Sasuke away from the darkness was actually well thought out and deep; he played his part right and Sasuke turned into a criminal anyways.

Jiraiya wasn't exactly in a position to help Nagato's position either, which was turned extremely terrible when Danzou interviened - so I mostly blame Tobirama for the state of Nagato during Akatsuki's reign as well. Orochimaru is an odd one, as the Hiruzen did have a chance to kill him off without going through with it, though I can't really blame him as it'd be just as difficult for him at that point to kill Orochimaru as it would be for Kakshi to kill Sasuke. As for Obito... well Obito's a bitch who could really help that?

Posted by sasushippuden 1 year ago

Well, for starters, don't be so quick to put blame on anyone. The only real Senju at fault is Tobirama, because of how he treated the Uchiha. However, he didn't really intend for the violence of this scale to occur, but it can still be partially blamed on him. As for the specifics that you pointed out:

Hiruzen & Orochimaru: That isn't really a fair blame. Yes, Hiruzen did have a chance to kill Orochimaru, but that was one of his beloved pupils. It wasn't his fault that he went off the deep end on his own - that was Orochi's fault. He chose to go bad because he was greedy for power.

Jiraiya and Nagato: Where is the reasoning here? As far as Jiraiya knew, Nagato was good. Jiraiya passed down his beliefs to Nagato that they would help bring peace to this world. Jiraiya did everything he could to help out in that situation. In the end, Nagato was corrupted thanks to Danzo and Hanzo intervening and making him kill Yahiko, as well as "The Masked Man" showing up to corrupt him as well. Next up:

Kakashi and Saucegay: Kakashi is absolutely in no way to blame for what happened to him. Kakashi did everything in his power to get Sasuke off the path of revenge, but the retarded Uchiha didn't listen to him. Ultimately, this goes down to Danzo as well, for acting outside of Hiruzen's decision to try and work something out with the Uchiha and ordering Itachi to kill the whole clan. Lastly:

Obito and Minato: Again, how could he be blamed? I mean really, the 4th did nothing to Obito but try and help him out. What caused Obito to go bad was "witnessing" Kakashi kill Rin - whether or not that actually happened or was just a genjutsu ploy by Madara, I don't know (Maybe Minato does?).

Nevertheless, don't be so quick to blame them for people going bad. The Senju (really, Tobirama) may have been idiots when dealing with the Uchiha, but that was about all they did wrong with that area. That was to be expected, since they were rival clans.

Posted by FadedDreams 1 year ago

the first then the only senju senseis that i see on this blog are the 1st and 2nd as far as we know the rest aren senju there last names dont match up so they are not senju.

donzo was the one who pretty much turned them all to evil or had dealins with it. kabuto eveil danzo fault, oro was anbu root and encourage his experiments, nagato danzo, uchia massacre was danzo, and obito was there at the insisdent all danzo

Posted by wombat3476 1 year ago

The thing is great power comes with greater responsibility and narutoverse charactors (humans in daily life) makes choices every moment of their lives...kages taught their students to become strong to protect people but some of their students choose to protect their own interest, whatever it maybe...kakashi taught chidori to GaySauce to protect friends n village but GaySauce instead modified it n used it against friends n village...i m also of the view that, although that mite be subjective to any new shocking revelation, tobirama did make some bad decisions, other then making sarutobi a kage...he raised 3 maniacs (danzo n 2 idiot Councillors, maybe he realized it himself n thats why he choose sarutobi over them)...sarutobi did try to reason against uchia massacre but he was vetoed by, again, the 2 idiots and danzo...man i wish those freaking Councillors to suffer for their wrong decisions...

Posted by naqvi80 1 year ago

What geniuses, then explain this to me if the senju's teaching was so great then why were the rogue not able to resist or ignore bad influences.

Posted by LukeUchiha1 1 year ago

Its like anything in life that you learn. Depending how you use it can be good or bad. The teachings might be great but if you use them the wrong way they can be corrupt. Its called free will.

Posted by vincepanama84 1 year ago

Everyone mentioned from the OP has not been proven to be of senju decent, so I don't really understand how they can be senju teachings

Posted by Chaos-X07 1 year ago

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