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Senju's perfect teaching?
I just saw a blog by xaioque have to give props. Under the teachings of the senju, Orochimaru(3rd hokage), Nagato(Jiraiya), Obito(4th hokage) and Sasuke(Kakashi) have been produced. Now if the senju were so ideal and worthy of being kages why has it become a generational thing that not only criminals but world class criminals have been produced by heirs of senju teaching. Like xaioque said, you can't control the actions of people but if the senju's teaching was so great why have people who have been under their teaching become among the most notorious criminals in the world.

by LukeUchiha1
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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Quoting The_LeavesI think the OP (LikeUchiha1) would stop complaining when all Naruto fans consider Senjus are jerks and bad, while Uchihas are innocents and good.
For Hiruzen, why did you just point to Orochimaru? How about Jiraiya and Tsunade? Are both criminals?
For Jiraiya, why did you just point to Nagato? How about Yahiko? Konan, I think she just followed her beloved friends' decision. Try read again what Nagato said to Naruto before he died or before he sealed. Nagato was disappointed for himself. He never blame Jiraiya for his decision to choose the wrong path.
Minato, come on you know how Obito turn out bad. He was trying to save Rin and Kakashi before watching that horrible incident. Btw, is Kakashi a criminal?
Kakashi, I think he did everythings to save Sasuke from Orochimaru.
Nagato, Obito, Sasuke are examples of people who did not really hold their past idealism tight, and those people are easy to be manipulated. Orochimaru, becoz of his love to his parents and tired of watching people died, he tried to make himself eternal.
Sarutobi tried to be wise in handling Uchihas, but Danzo and two elders has different thought. CIA will do everything to protect their "The US (their national) security", that's like what Danzo did as the Anbu leader. Yeah, I'm agree that this is totally wrong.
and I think Tobirama tried to give the Uchihas some roles as we know that Uchihas are hunger of power (except Sishui and Itachi, so that they are never bond to their clan, as Sarutobi said). Tobirama just totally failed when he decided to put Uchihas away from the village and put them in one area (exclusion).
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I also think that the Naruto-verse characters chose their path like we do which is called free will....both the good and bad have suffered losses and damages...but whoever chooses to bear the burden can manage to walk the straight line... n i think that the whole concept of this particular series is to show that one can survive only by having the guts to bear the burden....

Posted by naqvi80 1 year ago

Quoting QuajoYou are very naive. People interpret or perceive the same things differently. A machete might be used by one to clear a piece of land for farming whilst another person might also use that same machete to decapitate his neighbor.
Teachings are just like any other tangible tool.
which quote r u referring to.....

Posted by naqvi80 1 year ago

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