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madara over rated
how over rated is madara? i know alot of people are on his nuts but to me every fight i see does the opposite i see how over rated he is at least to our expectations. for instince we see him revived but everything we have seen with him revived is bs that wasnt how he was in his prime no rinngun, no wood element. also the 1st dna gives him more chakara so his attacks are stonger. if he didnt have the rinngun and it was a normal fight he would have died by naruto.

also the fight with the 1st he had to use the 9 tails demon just to hang and still get his ass handed to him. if that was a straight up one on one fight it wouldnt have been close

by wombat3476
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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simple question could sasuke defeat madara in his prime? sasuke has summonings too, so does naruto. so did nagato.

Posted by jolas 1 year ago

i can put shit down however i want. there was no damn neckless used u retard. naruto at birth had the 9 tails sealed in him mmmmmmmmmmm pretty much meanes he was born with it and even if he never got the 9 tails i am sure he would have had alot of the 9 tails chakara with him.

the 1st used nothing but his own jutsu he went into sage mode. and u can try and say it took alot of skill to take over the nine tails all u want but tobi has done it and i am sure sasuke could as well. point blank in his prime with out the 9 tails he would have lost easy.

i believe naruto now, sasuke, nagato, itachi, and the 4th could or get darn close to beating him if not do it

Posted by wombat3476 1 year ago

There was a necklace used. Hashirama used the necklace throughout his battles in order to better control his chakra. That was stated outright within the manga when Tsunade passed the necklace onto Naruto. And again, Naruto was not born with the Nine-Tails within him. It was sealed within him after he was born. Ergo, you can't claim the the Nine-Tails chakra within him is something that is "naturally" a part of Naruto. It is a source that is naturally extrinsic to Naruto but that he was essentially gifted by his dying parents.

Posted by choppachoppa 1 year ago

Guys regardless of the fact that nine tails was sealed in naruto at birth so it should be as if he was born with it or that he was given it after birth...the thing is that naruto has his own chakra n will large enough to not only manage nine tails chakra but suppress it too unless he was put in a trauma state...n this is naruto i m referring to u before he gained control of nine tails...

This been said, in Naruto verse anything n everything that can be used against ur enemy or towards ur own advantage is a weapon, may it be tailed beast, shurriken, scrolls, eye tech, tai gen or nin jutsu, even terrain etc etc...

however there is no doubt that madara is freaking strong...there is also no doubt that madara has not just been modified himself once but pretty much everything he has is modified in several events...he took his brader eyes or was given, he stole 9 tails, he stole 1st's cell, he or tobi used nagato to his advantage for rinnegan bla bla..the only thing unique/genuine i saw was that he put his susanoo on nine tail which was also admired by 1st...on the other hand hishirama effects was all himself (mark my words) until n unless something otherwise is revealed...

Posted by naqvi80 1 year ago

How is Madara overrated? The only jutsu he has used so far that wasn't his was Hashirama's poison forest jutsu. EVERYTHING else he used in the fight against the kages was his own jutsu.......summoning those double comets to hit the tsuchikage, his COMPLETE susanoo that we haven't seen a single Uchiha use yet(which he also made clones out of),and his fire style jutsu that he started the fight with. On top of that if I remember correctly he hasn't used a single rinnengan ability yet(I could be wrong).All of those jutsus were from Madara in his prime except one. I'm sorry wombat but you can't show me a single character in the series to date who has fought all the current hokages of every ninja village at the same time and won.

Posted by Afrokage 1 year ago

can u not read? one every tech he did while summoned wasnt at his normal strength it was stronger. his body was upgraded. and how do u think he had the perfect susano? the rinngun........ he had it equiped while doing that. and he absorbed the rasenshuriken and if he didnt he would have died. he did a wood jutsu that naruto stopped. and he stayed using wood jutsu.

i will say that having the 9 tails like having a weapon. and when i mean he is overrated i mean how we veiw him. people think he is crazy strong maybe the strongest bla bla bla but def not true. he went out and looked for the 9 tails because he knew he couldnt win other wise.

Posted by wombat3476 1 year ago

Posted by wombat3476 1 year ago

answer this is there anyone now who could beat madara in his prime his real prime before fighting the 1st?

Posted by wombat3476 1 year ago

Not sure if any ONE person can beat this guy with all of his power-ups, but if he wasnt already dead he would have died in the battle with the Kages. If memory serves right there was an episode where they busted him up pretty good and he had to regenerate his body.

Posted by edawg 1 year ago

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