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madara over rated
how over rated is madara? i know alot of people are on his nuts but to me every fight i see does the opposite i see how over rated he is at least to our expectations. for instince we see him revived but everything we have seen with him revived is bs that wasnt how he was in his prime no rinngun, no wood element. also the 1st dna gives him more chakara so his attacks are stonger. if he didnt have the rinngun and it was a normal fight he would have died by naruto.

also the fight with the 1st he had to use the 9 tails demon just to hang and still get his ass handed to him. if that was a straight up one on one fight it wouldnt have been close

by wombat3476
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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I don't believe he is overrated because only person that can beat him is the 1st which was true back then and will prolly happen again, I do believe he would have lost by now if not for his re-animation and upgrades but even without it he still stronger that everybody else even complete nine tails naruto hasn't laid a hit on him yet one on one

Posted by chowrunner1 1 year ago

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