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Konoha justice?
Omg, apparently the senju and their students are perfect and faultless. How do you justify a whole clan being blamed for the actions of a clearly rejected member, how do you justify the massacre of a clan, how do you justify the always existent exploitation of the Uchiha, how do you justify the fact that no matter the circumstances, a certain Uchiha would never be allowed to become hokage even though they put the village before not only themselves but their whole clan. You cannot deny that the Uchiha were good enough to be exploited but never good enough to even be given a chance at power.

by LukeUchiha1
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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Hey, take your uchiha fanaticism elsewhere. you are so presumptuous. where does it say that Tobirama abused the uchiha? which uchiha was denied the hokage tittle? No senju ordered the massacre of the uchiha.

Posted by Quajo 1 year ago

LOL, the first hokage himself told tobirama to stop persecuting the Uchiha, Madara lost the race for the title of first hokage to Hashirama but he was not even given the title of second read other posts and you may be able to find another Uchiha who could have been hokage, the senju might not have ordered the massacre of the Uchiha but their closest students did.

Posted by LukeUchiha1 1 year ago

Quoting jolasIn the end do you think the uchihias would have rebelled even if the 2nd did not try to control them? I think they would have cause in the end they were the ones who couldnt put the past behind them.

Thats a different situation. They wouldn't have a reason to get revenge if the 2nd and his diciples hadn't treated them like he was better than them. Their emotion was a result of them feeling opressed as a people. When Madara lost the election for Hokage HE was the one that caught feelings, not the clan.

Posted by Zetsu72 1 year ago

Tobirama mistrusted them, it doesn't say he abused them. For a people who go batshit insane when a loved dies, you can't fault Tobirama for considering them dangerous. Be objective here

@lukeUchiha1. How could konoha consider Madara for the 2nd hokage tittle if he was thought to be dead. Which other uchiha do you know of worthier for the hokage tittle than the 3rd or 4th. Tsunade became Hokage after the uchiha massacre.

This is preposterous, faulting someone for something their student did. Then every teacher who has ever taught a child who grew up to be a social misfit should be faulted, right?

Posted by Quajo 1 year ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

a lot of which has something to do with tobirama isolating the uchiha's. he pretty much fucked up the whole incident instead of involving them (uchihas)in konoha's leadership. instead, he pretty much turned them into lapdogs just as what izuna predicted.

i agree with tobirama though that the uchihas are a cursed clan with the sharingan. the more powerful the sharingan gets, the more difficult it is to reason with them. lets not forget as well that pride also caused their downfall

it really is a tragedy

Posted by uzumaki_LAB 1 year ago

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