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Uzumaki Shiki Fuujin technique...
Orochimaru said that the shiki fuujin technique is originally created by the Uzumaki clan...so,there must be some of the Uzumaki clan members have used shiki fuujin technique to seal someone or something before it's been labelled as forbidden jutsu...but,I wonder how come it's only the soul of Hashirama,Tobirama,Hiruzen,Minato and Orochimaru arms in the Death God stomach...seems like Minato and Hiruzen was the only person that use it...

by CekikDaud
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (4)

That's really simple to figure out actually, Edo-Tensai requires the dna of the one being summon + a living sacrifice. My guess is here that orochimaru did't do his home work well enough to know every thing/one sealed by this techique or he's gonna suprise us by using the last zetsu to summon the Kuubi.

Then again you could be right as Hiruzen said it was a jutsu Orochimaru didn't know(highly unlikely with him being the 2nd best jutsu researcher)
and when it was summoned he mentioned what Minato said about the technique suggesting Minato was the first user.

Posted by xaioque 1 year ago

thats just who he summoned and all it showed the other ninja should be long dead

Posted by wombat3476 1 year ago

he said he had to let the demon take over his body, but somehow i think he knew how to get what he needed and only let them out along with his arms.

Posted by mtzboy21 1 year ago

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