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episode 298 and senju and uzumaki / Rinn. and sharingan
I like the way people just pick the sharingan because it looks cool or has Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo Timespace and most of these moves are possibility just like Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan, (Fact) not all sharingans evolve pass the third stage. and sharingan is cool and all but most of these powerful techniques kind of *I mean if sasuke can break Tsukuyomi and dispell Amaterasu im pretty sure there not that strong ...Susanoo is ok but not invisible(PS)Madara has the 1)Susanoo not *in itachi, Madara Susanoo had legs and could be cloaked over the 9 tails and 4arms,used jutsu and had its own magical sword too,Sasuke 2) strongest Susanoo i mean it shot arrows with Amaterasu on them and had the same shield and sword as itachi's and 3) Itachiii because he had the regular ass Susanoo ok Now we all know that the Eternal Mangekyō Susanoo is 3x stronger the regular Mangekyō Susanoo hands down. Now Izanagi, izanami are gay nuff said strongest Kamui, Kotoamatsukami nuff said. Now this made me mad the Rinnegan is the SAGES eyes snd they make them look so weak I dont give 2 shits about Itachi preparing, He broke free but the strongest jutsu,and dojutsu in the world couldnt break free?? fuckout of here man hands down Facts state two more dojutsu above all evovled sharingan forms and thats the Rinnegan and the spiral Rinnegan of the first son (compare) ok Rinnegan all Paths, Chibaku Tensei, Banshō Ten'in, (Summoning: Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path of the Outer Path = death of all Susanoo) Six Paths of Pain Jutsu, Heavenly Life, jutsu meaning no death, bring forth all ninjutsu, not like the Byakugan that has one blind spot, the Rinnegan has none if used by one user not in paths form, many more jutsu's, so hands down the Rinnegan wins it has better, more stronger jutsu and Demonic Statue,360 no blind spots, 5x more powerful genjutsu and Illusions if you didnt know people now you do and you dont need to be born with it unlike the (sharingan) all you need is DNA of Senju,Uchiha no sharingan needed=Rinnegan.(Fact ) only wayto get the sharingan is go remove some eyeballs. Now real talk Nagato vs Itachi man Itachi will get destroyed itachi cant even win against Sasuke and dont care if he died sick or for his brother pretty much Sasuke killed him. And people stop talking about how sasuke gets all the power up lmfao hahaha look at fucking naruto people, the fucking shows called naruto not the allied shinobi force, naruto gets hella power ups too get over it. PS when the Rinnegan has only one user not paths its a thousand time stronger as we have seen by the sage of 6path and nagato in his prime and stop saying senju and uzumaki are related because facts show the that the uzumaki were among them at the time not just senju and uzumaki were alive people at that point in ninja history!!!!!!!!!!! comment

by Dsly2323
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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