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Narurto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review
As the end of the Naruto Universe slowly comes to an end so does the Naruto games we all know and love. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3(NUNS3) is the latest installment from this beloved series and is quite possibly the best the series has produced to date.

The story starts at the beginning of the Five Kage Summit and Madara has declared war on the Great Nations, and runs through the Fourth Great Ninja War. The story mode is much more polished this time around compared to NUNS Generations with the return of big Boss Battles such as the Fight against The Kyuubi and also quick times boss battles like Naruto vs. Tobi. However, despite the return of what made this game great there are two major problems with the two last battles of the games, now I don't want to give any spoilers away but, to a Naruto Purist these just don't make sense or even actually happen. But despite some flaws the story holds up very well.

Whether the graphics of the game have ever improved or not is of no concern to me but, the graphics in NUNS3 are just beyond amazing, most notably are the characters who look even better than they do in the anime, with facial expressions that allow to really see the pain in there eyes as the world around them goes to hell.

Gameplay makes the game and luckily NUNS has had a winning style since it began, so there has been no major gameplay changes from Generations with only one change to awakening mode to some characters which is a bit cheap to say the least but, effective.

Lastly multiplayer...Still Home to the Greatest Spammers I've ever seen.

Despite having some major story flaws near the end the story still remains true to the original writing of Masashi Kishimoto and give at least 15 hrs. of good story mode that'll get you lost in a true Naruto Universe experience.

by wa_hockey19
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (3)

its to bad this game ended the way it did but hopefully there will be one more that lasts till the end of the series and doesn't do its own interpretations of the story

Posted by ericdana73 1 year ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

dont forget to talk about the cons of the game.. all your reviewing is the story.


You got to talk about how they failed to put in more game modes (except perpetual challenge)

how NUNS2 seemed to have more boss battle button sequences,

how they failed to put in the edo kages (even though they are introduced in the story with full movesets & ninjitsu), the swordsmen, & the gold & silver brothers.

they failed to make the free roam of the story mode the least bit entertaining,

insanely long flashbacks of straight talking during every chapter,

the lack of new ultimates & ninjitsu for copy & paste characters,

they failed to put in Kurama mode as an awakening for naruto,

how they failed to put gaara's half body shukaku awakening,

no new online game modes

how they still, for some stupid reason, have designated support characters when everybody can already be used as a support.

still no justu clashes, still no running on walls (like in NUNS1)

EXTREMELY short & for the most part BORING ultimates (we need the ultimates from the PS2 ultimate ninja's when every character had a level 1-3)

also, why tf are they holding on to old ass shippuden characters for? like 9-tail rasengan naruto & chidori true spear sasuke? if mf's want to play as them old shit characters then just buy the previous installments of the damn game..leave them in the past smh


still the best-looking & most fun fighting game up to date.

Must-play for die hard Naruto fans like us here at fandom

Amazing graphics

Fun boss battles

..thats about it for the pros

Posted by omg_evrynameistaken 1 year ago