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Looks like we have a few geniuses on the site. In none of my posts have i said that the Uchiha are innocent or perfect. The Uchiha had their faults like everyone else. The Uchiha were labelled as bad guys no matter what they did. Look at Itachi's sacrifice every ninja who died protecting the village had their name written in the records as heroes yet Itachi will always be remembered as a criminal. Sasuke himself could turn a new leaf and help Konoha and still he would be ostracized. Like I said in my first post, the Uchiha's only relationship with Konoha were as donkeys/camels.

by LukeUchiha1
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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You are starting to get on my nerve with this baloney. The uchiha were not massacred because they are uchiha, but because they were planning a rebellion which could have ended up destabilisng the whole shinobi world.

Shinobi live by a strict code. which is to serve the greater good of the group. that is why missing-nin are hunted down and killed. The whole of uchiha became a missing-nin once they planned rebellion.

Had it been any other clan, i am sure the same punishment would have been meted out. Itachi felt that by doing what he did, the uchiha would at least maintain a measure of their respect and not go down in history as the clan that almost ended it all.

Posted by Quajo 1 year ago

theres always a(bad guy)and a(good guy)no matter how you see it, in the the ninja world in any village there are strict codes and as soon as you disobey these codes, you will most likely be shunned and will be dishonored or most likely killed for the good of the village. Now most likely the hate for the Uchiha has come from long peroids in history/(Madara)(Tobi)(War) and the Uchiha didnt help there case by planning to take over the Leaf. Not saying all Uchiha are bad but most of them kind of were? But just like I and Nagato have stated, (You have your opinion and I have mine)..With that being said, why didnt itachi just kill Danzo or the 3rd the one's who ordered the killings??? cause Danzo was not a village hero more like the villain of the Leaf

Posted by Dsly2323 1 year ago

wasnt this dude leaving? seriously stop posting nobody cares

Posted by latest280 1 year ago

Cool story, bro. Nobody cares. Quit posting the same thing over and over again.

Posted by rojocabrito 1 year ago

Evil no matter what they did? Hm, well I wonder about that. Hashirama tried to welcome them in the village. Tobirama, while somewhat misguided, gave them the Police Force to watch over. Yet what happened? For starters, the Uchiha have hated the Senju for decades. Of course the village was a little nervous about the Uchiha after Madara fought against Hashirama. Why wouldn't they be? Not only that, but they were all planning a Coup against the Leaf. They were always labelled as bad guys because most of them WERE bad. With Itachi, he WANTS the village to think he is a villain to maintain the Uchiha clan's name. He is still very loyal to the leaf, and they (the leaf) would undoubtably listen to Naruto if he told that. But that isn't what Itachi wants. And of course they may look at Sasuke that way even if he comes back. He attacked the Five Kage, killed Danzo (the "Sixth", and betrayed Konoha a while back. You expect them to view him with love and compassion after he did such vile things? Look over your facts before you really try to defend the Uchiha with such passion. I have nothing against them, but they were pretty much all evil. I respect Itachi, but I will always hate Sasuke. I hated him from the start.

Posted by FadedDreams 1 year ago

I think you guys are missing his point. Like for one, it wasn't just the Uchiha that hated Senju, Senju hated the Uchiha. To whoever said that Uchiha got the police force like that's a good thing, Tobirama gave them the police force because he wanted them at the outskirts of the village while also knowing that they would be hated just for being the police, don't agree? Reread 620. they wouldn't have planned the coup if they had been treated like actual villagers. Tobirama also was not the only one to persecute the Uchiha, many villagers followed those teachings.
On a personal level, stop being douches to this guy, he just wants to stand up for a clan that can no longer stand up for themselves.

Posted by itachikicksass1 1 year ago

I think that i have mentioned it before too...anyways the series, presents that whoever can manage the loss and damage and can carry the burden of it will choose the right direction eventually...

however uchia are freaking strong, no doubts, but they are irrational about their feelings and are emotionally unstable therefore people feared them, NOT just coz they strong but they were idiots as well...

now let me give an example, naruto n sauske from the start had it rough, they both were lonely and screwed..also the konoha management had strict rules to not talk about either one's past so they both get a standing chance...they both had a burden to carry, saucegay just could not bear that burden n turned evil, now he is potentially trying to destroy what his brother lived for (keep in mind that everybody has a like for saucegay back then)...n then u have naruto whom everybody treated like shit, from school teachers, friends, villagers, etc etc...heck iruka even hated him once...but he has the will to carry the burden and he did and managed to changed everything around him 180 degrees...

i will reiterate again...its not about being pure bad and pure evil or one will go rouge if suffered losses n damages...but who can bear the burden and still can manage to walk on the line without going into despair....

Posted by naqvi80 1 year ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago

(LOL) I love you guys, you never cease to entertain me with your one-sided arguments.
Madara attacks the village (oppression of the Uchiha)
Obito attacks the village (oppression of the Uchiha)
Uchiha want to start a rebellion (oppression of the Uchiha)
Itachi kills whole clan (to prevent a coup caused by the oppression of the Uchiha)
Sasuke wants to destroy the village (the oppression of the Uchiha and the suffering of his brother)
You all have my word I'll stop posting when anyone can give a situation when the Uchiha were not provoked.

Posted by LukeUchiha1 1 year ago

Please explain to me how you come to think Obito attacked the village because of Uchiha oppression. He was manipulated by Madara (my opinion, since we still don't know quite how Rin died) and pitted against the Leaf. Had nothing to do with Uchiha oppression. /facepalm

Posted by CamoRed22 1 year ago

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