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Looks like we have a few geniuses on the site. In none of my posts have i said that the Uchiha are innocent or perfect. The Uchiha had their faults like everyone else. The Uchiha were labelled as bad guys no matter what they did. Look at Itachi's sacrifice every ninja who died protecting the village had their name written in the records as heroes yet Itachi will always be remembered as a criminal. Sasuke himself could turn a new leaf and help Konoha and still he would be ostracized. Like I said in my first post, the Uchiha's only relationship with Konoha were as donkeys/camels.

by LukeUchiha1
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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pop a molly haaaannnnnn

Posted by raos89 1 year ago

Obito attacking the Leaf had nothing to do with oppression. Itachi killing his clan was because of a planned coup, which started because they felt oppressed because of Tobirama's choice. Why wouldn't he be wary? Uchiha killed many of his family. Of course he would keep an eye on them. Madara attacked for the same reason. Uchiha, from what I see, are fueled by hate - all because something bad happened to them and broke their love. So? Senju went through the same crap - Naruto's went through the same crap - and they didn't try to destroy everything. I could care less about picking a side for clans - I just think the Uchiha are idiots. Mostly Saucegay, but still.

Posted by FadedDreams 1 year ago

Ultimately, it comes down to a choice is what I am saying. The Uchiha didn't have to choose to be retards and attack: they just did.

Posted by FadedDreams 1 year ago

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