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Perfect Plot
Wow how much plot holes, the Uchiha went from "If someone hired a Senju the other hired an Uchiha" and "If you ever face an Uchiha one on one you must run away" to "The Uchiha were clearly outmatched and could easily be defeated". So much for the plot.

by LukeUchiha1
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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Quoting jolasIm not a senju fanboy as u can see by my avatar im a cloud village fanboy, I like to rap and get high in the clouds

spark it up!!!!

Posted by raos89 1 year ago

yea buddy burn one for me. but itachi didnt say that they were outclassed he said the best they cld do is a draw. doesnt mean they were nothing compared to him. itachi was in my opinion the strongest of the uchiha but he was just crippled by a desease and he was against conflict. If he was evil like madara became then yea he wld most likely kill everybody. And he is 100x smarter than sasuke especially in battle and in jutsu. other than sasuke manipulation of the ameterasu thats rly his only good thing now.

Posted by Pitmist 1 year ago

I wish Fandom was like a secret society.. that way people like this guy wont infest the blogs with horse shit.

Posted by omg_evrynameistaken 1 year ago

like u just did?

Posted by Pitmist 1 year ago

It's hi got his best genjutsu fm shisuii, he said he'd be outclassed by jiraiys, jiraiyanwasnoutclassed by pain, it's hi defeated pain that was being controlled by kabuki, 3rd hokage defeated first and second hokage, first hokage was most powerful shinobi, my point is don't try To judge the people in their et state, obviously hashirama is king, of even itachi, Danzig had shisus other eye and someone detected the technique, genjutsu can't be used on people in touch with their tailed beast. The show is called naruto, but I still like bee and rappin and smoking

Posted by jolas 1 year ago

Quoting Pitmistlike u just did?

? .. oook? lol this guy

Posted by omg_evrynameistaken 1 year ago

Umm, those arent plotholes they are just rumors or stories that have been passed down that have been dis-proven over time. Just like the whisper game I tell you a story and you pass it on and so on, eventually that story gets twisted because the message is not communicated correctly from person to person. When it gets back to me I hear a completely different version than the one I told and I have to clarify the story by telling everyone the correct version of things.

Posted by edawg 1 year ago

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