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Herro I explain this to you guys! So I am new but keep up with this type of post. Its just a fun post, so here it is.

Winner: Tsunade
Explanation: Tsunade has an extreme ability. She can recover from fatal wounds and is strong. Having this said it gives her a +5 of beating Sasori. Sasori uses to poison to make the opponent vulnerable to Fatal attacks but as said Tsunade can recover quickly. 2+ to Tsunade. She can destroy puppets using her incredible strength. +6 to Tsunade. So with her current stats, she can kill sasori. Heck sasori was defeated by a old woman and a useless character....

Sasori: Sasori is very strong. Almost as talented as Chiyo and he is good at medical nin. Having this is a +3 to sasori. He has quite a collection of a variety of puppets.. +5 to him. But his long range is -3. He is strong but could use just a bit more ability. But that Iron sand is +2 to him since it can act like bullets. But Tsunades Healing ability give him a -4. So thats it. TSUNADE IS THE VICTOR HERE.

by Akatsukilove
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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@CamoRed: I'm sure Tsunade would have went in with an antidote (if she felt she needed it). If her lame-o disciple figured it out it isn't a far stretch to imagine Tsunade doing the same.

Posted by edawg 1 year ago

@edawg Sakura only figured it out because she had a sample of his poison (from Kankuro). We're assuming Tsunade doesn't know about his poison before the fight (unless these fights are based on having done research on your opponent, whereas Sasori would have known she was a medical ninja and made a different poison). The only ways Tsunade would be able to remove the poison would be if her forehead jutsu removes it on activation (and provides immunity for an extended period of time), or if her slug has the ability to leech out the poison.

Posted by CamoRed22 1 year ago

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