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Strongest ninja alive
Who do you believe is the strongest shinobi alive. And to be clear no re-animated characters. If it was a 1 on 1 fight who do you have at the top ill give my top 4

#1 obito
#2 naruto
#3 Oro
#4 sasuke

by chowrunner1
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (14)

lol your just gonna leave Killer Bee out of the list like that? I think Naruto is #1 now after he fully unlocked his 9 tails mode with the cloak. I'm sorry but I'm taking Killer Bee/Kabuto/ or Oro as #2(can't decide) and Tsuchikage (think of all of the jutsu and things he has done since the war started) as #3. Sasuke/Darui/Guy or Kakashi are #4(can't decide on that one either). I can't acknowledge Obito.....he is a one trick pony. Everytime someone figures out his jutsu he has lost or come close to losing ie. Minato,Konan,Naruto/Kakashi.

Posted by Afrokage 1 year ago

naruto #1.. no debate
figuring out a single #2 is very damn difficult though..(oro, bee, sasuke, lee).. I believe kakashi & guy deserve to be in the debate.. cant really count any of the kages in this blog i guess because we are only naming ones who are alive.. & we dk if the kages are really dead or not.. or else gaara would be a good debatable candidate for #3 or 4.

Posted by omg_evrynameistaken 1 year ago

The maker of this post seems to have forgotten that the 4th Hokage kicked Obito's ass. Obito can only do 1 thing, and he's just been Madara's puppet for years. If we're comparing to overall skills then Kakashi would be number 1, seeing as he knows a hellofalot of jutsu, has a Sharingan (and uses it well), and has created his own jutsu the Chidori (which competes with the Rasengan). But Obito? Hell no.

Posted by CamoRed22 1 year ago

I chose obito as number 1 for me because his has shown to be able to use his skills to the max naruto doesn't have many tech but he still uses what he has to come out on top. Obito lost to the 4th but that's not a bad person to loose to. And he killed konan who is not a easy opponent, but as of now he is my number 1 until I see how much stronger naruto becomes in the following chapters. After them killer bee is in the talk but ill give Oro number 3 but for number 4-5 is a toss easily between multiple like kakashi, sasuke, killer bee, guy and the Kages if they are alive

Posted by chowrunner1 1 year ago

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