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Thats all that i have to say about Sasuke's decision.

[Spoiler Ch.627]
Now he's going to take the glory and fame for all the work done by the alliance and Naruto. I can see it now {Sasuke:"Naruto you rest while i take care of business"}

But what irritates me most of all is the fact that "we" the "fans" are being denied a serious conclusion fight between Sasuke and Naruto.

Oh and one last thing Suigetsu's right Karin is an idiot, was hoping she'd somehow get her revenge, everyone knows she'd be demolished but still would have been fun to see like Tobi vs Konan

by xaioque
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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i hope i am not wrong but i did not read anything about sasuke fighting naruto.
He only said that he would not let madara destroy the village!

Posted by superarmeen 1 year ago

yea truth be told they might still fight but i mean most likely not to the death unless minatos big gift which we sld all know is, if that turns naruto evil due to it being the majority of the kyuubis hate then idk lol which i hope doesnt turn him evil bcus that wld be lame lol but yea i think kishi did this so that he cld get the 4 kages back to the battlefeild i mean that will be epic to see.

Posted by Pitmist 1 year ago

Quoting superarmeeni hope i am not wrong but i did not read anything about sasuke fighting naruto.
He only said that he would not let madara destroy the village!

With Sasuke being the main rival of Naruto and him going rouge(switching to the darkside) its only natural that they would end up like Hasirama and Madara (first hint their battle at the Valley of End) I think Hasirama's story scared him, maybe he even lied to goad Sasuke's decision

Posted by xaioque 1 year ago

if that battle happens, which will be epic no doubt...however it should or it will end in either one's or both's death or severe irrecoverable loss ....which is not kool....

Regardless I agree, gaysauce just flipping sides like that is kinda lame...but that is the best he does 'changin sides or his groups name on a whim of his mind' and plus what else one can expect from an uchia since they r retarded anyways...

however i m sure kishi have more cards up his sleeves to make his work NOT a 'absolute lame hole jutsu'

Posted by naqvi80 1 year ago

dont assume that we have been denied anything... what makes you think that they wont fight?..

Posted by omg_evrynameistaken 1 year ago

well the only way that they wld fight is if madara and tobi say something that hashirama may have left out so sasuke wldnt go bad. or if he just hates naruto for some fucked up reason. idk im just taking shots in the dark, idk how they will set up a fight with sasuke being good again. unless they beat everybody and live happily and at the end of the season it has naruto and sasuke standing there and decide to spar and then they charge at each other and then the series ends b4 they make contact... how pissed wld u be?

Posted by Pitmist 1 year ago