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L1iboody's blog "true essence of naruto" brought to my attention the long journey we Naruto fans went through. From getting excited from being introduced to a "new" anime through commercials on Cartoonnetwork & watching it air for the 1st time on toonami, to where we are now in the manga & anime. Its been a 8 year journey for all of us. So congrats to the fans who been there from the time Naruto had to fart to win his first 1 on 1 battle, to naruto being the strongest ninja in all the villages. Congrats on the fans who been committed to new naruto content on narutocentral.com to fandom.. congrats to those who rushed to purchase the first naruto game Clash of Ninja & being excited as shit to play as zabuza. congrats to those who felt obligated to play almost every naruto game (including the dreadful Uzumaki chronicles) just because we loved the anime so much.. congrats to those who got obsessed with drawing naruto on their class notes because we were bored & couldnt wait for saturday to come to watch the new episode on toonami.. congrats fans.. peace

by omg_evrynameistaken
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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I started liking it in 08 when I borrowed a gamecube game cuz I had gotten the wack ass wii, I was 18 bout to graduate highschool I liked the characters then cartoon n. had those 100 episodes and I watched so many that I couldn't help to be a fan after that and then I found out about shippuuden in Japanese like in 09 since it had just started if im not mistaken and I started reading the manga to be ahead. n now here we are im 23 still reading this shit got a bmw and my own crib with a gorgeous gf, I only naruto doe im a die hard dbz fan still doe long way since I was 18 taking the bus to school then college living wit my moms. times were easier but great times that I will never take back

Posted by raos89 1 year ago

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