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An unlikely alliance - the ones who truly knew everything!
I knew it was only a matter of time when I read the title "The ones who know everything" that it was going to happen, and Kishimoto finally brought Sasuke in on the loop. For all of you wondering how this is possible, I think this much is simple - with each Hokage came a knowledge Sasuke needed to understand and forgive the conditions between Uchiha and Senju.

The First Hokage really explain his own convictions and Madara's, and put exactly on the table for Sasuke just who and what cause he would support by attacking the Hidden Leaf, as well as whose cause Itachi supported.

The second Hokage came around to explaining that he never hated the Uchiha, but he was always worried about the corruption of the Mangekyou. He also explained that he himself had deep trust in Uchiha brothers at arms, such as Shisui's father (and I suspect Obito's).

The Third Hokage, who I think Sasuke probably liked the most/disliked the least, also explained why people in the darkness like Danzou, who did what they did to the Uchiha, arose in the first place as well as how the Senju really didn't want that to happen to the Uchiha FOR THE SAKE OF THE UCHIHA.

I think the Fourth Hokage dropped an even bigger bomb-shell than Hashirama, explaining how Obito was a lying sack of shit and that the Nine-tailed Fox's attack 12 years ago WAS set up by him, thus was the Uchiha clan massacre as well as Itachi's suffering.

Sasuke had to know why Itachi would love him regardless of his goal to destroy the very village he suffered for; he had to know what it meant to be a shinobi in the way that Itachi was a shinobi, and along the way, he learned that the previous Hokage were shinobi in just the same way. Now "Hawk" is back in action and made a most unlikely alliance with Orochimaru and the previous four Hokage! How will the battle-field change with the arrival of such a pleasantly unexpected ally team for the Shinobi Alliance, how will Naruto react to seeing his father and Sasuke show up out of the blue to help, and how will Madara and Obito react to seeing their former allies face them in battle?

~Thoughts are liquid gold

by sasushippuden
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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well if i were madara and i saw them id most likely drop and edo tensei turd and stand there as it trickles down my pants...

Posted by Pitmist 1 year ago

Quoting Pitmistwell if i were madara and i saw them id most likely drop and edo tensei turd and stand there as it trickles down my pants...

best comment ever! oh and did they mention that Obito was the one behind the attack? I dont think Minato knows yet. Maybe i need to reread the latest manga. And surely Kakashi is going to shit when his former sense shows up. Also lets not forget about the other kage, i dont think we have heard from any of them sense Tsunade was cut in half. I think that she should be using a jutsu to replenish them. They should be showing up as well.

Posted by Rasenraikiri 1 year ago

haha ty ty. yea minato doesnt know that tobi is obito bcus all of them thot he was madara. but yea honestly i hope that tsunade dies im sry but i do bcus i mean cmon after all that shit and none of them die it will be like kishi is afraid to kill off characters but he lets neji die. i mean if gaara lives that wld be awesome bcus as long as him and naruto are alive then the sand and leaf will have no issues with each other. seeing as after this war is over no nations will have issues for a long time anyway. but some ppl need to die in this war or it will be unrealistic to have all main characters live.

Posted by Pitmist 1 year ago

Yea. I'm going to guess Tsunade's death is going to trigger some dialogue where the first Hokage goes ape shit and the fourth Hokage reveals family ties between him and the fifth (thus Naruto and the first). I also don't think Orochimaru is going to survive this war - he'll be alone among the Sannin with many sins to atone for if he survives, and something tells me one of the ending parts of the plot Kishimoto has set in mind is the death and succession of the three Sannin. At least Minato will help Kakashi lose the burden of failing Obito. I don't know his fate, but I hope he dies asap and quickly. I STILL find him irrelevant.

Posted by sasushippuden 1 year ago