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Wtf fandom website issues?
When is naruto manga and anime episode coming? I'm so pumped for it. and why is fandom.com showing news from like a year ago i can't even find the most recent manga chapters or episodes of naruto. anyone else having this problem?

by JF6realmsage
Written: 1 year ago
Property: Naruto

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clearly they've given up on the website. no one is running it now. no updates, no manga, no anime, nothing. i suggest you leave and go to another site. try narutoget.com , they have the most recent updates on the anime and manga. they also tell you when it'll be uploaded. have fun

Posted by rickiex 1 year ago

i thought i was the only one having this issue. it's really sad how this site has gotten all time low. although, fewer ppl are commenting with every naruto anime and manga, i still enjoy posting here but now, it's really disappointing

Posted by uzumaki_LAB 1 year ago

thank you! and ya i am upset about this, its like they just packed everything up and left. javascript:void(0)

Posted by JF6realmsage 1 year ago

keep your faith though... This site's been around since 02... It would be a sin to stop running this place.
[Note to fandom..the good old narutocentral; get your shit together, you have more then enough mods/members I'm sure, that would love to keep this site going. Like we wanna see this place hit a new low. again..

Posted by uchiha_kitten 1 year ago

and fandoms twitter page has been suspended. That's not a good sign

Posted by uchiha_kitten 1 year ago

I truly miss the old NC.

Posted by jonb 1 year ago


Posted by Care_Taker 1 year ago

http://www.mangapanda.com/ works for me

Posted by CamoRed22 1 year ago