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by emakimeister
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (26)

cool chapter, but i wanna c sasuke!!
what's happened 2 him????

Posted by Dr.Keti 3 years ago

Posted by beerasa 3 years ago

wee....i liked it

lol...i totally forgot...naruto doesnt even know there's a war going on...can't wait to see what he does when he finds out

Posted by gloomy_raindrop 3 years ago

everything went as expected though.. the corpses might be powerfull but they didnt had their gear.deidara hadnt the extra clay,sasori hadnt his puppets...an easy battle..lets move to the hardcore fightings with kages and special people!we will see great battles!cant w8

Posted by Mplekos 3 years ago

kankuro had an improvement

Posted by Basheer 3 years ago

yeah,kankuro did improve,but sasori was tottaly uselees without his puppets...do you think asuma and dan are gonna be freed from the technique in the same way sai's brother was...

Posted by z-existence 3 years ago

ok lang yun...wag lang mainip mapapanood din natin ung laban ni sasuke at danso

Posted by gatoradejr 3 years ago

Posted by gatoradejr 3 years ago

Of course Asuma and Dan will be freed...
Though, I think it was a bit cliche...
*light shines through a relentless, cloudly rain* oh brother, I have seen your drawings, an action which has fufilled my only purpose in life I hadn't been able to while alive; appreciating what a wonderful artist you really are! You have freed me! *angles chorus, body burst into lovely fragments of light*

Too.... idk...

But other than that: Awesome!

Posted by Nudgestar 3 years ago

What the FUCK. Bring back Naruto Central, please. This shit is fucking retarded. D:<

Posted by Ahlunne 3 years ago