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Naruto 523?!?!?
this will obviously be a temporary blog but where the hell is naruto 523? if anyone knows, i really really would like to know

by raitonrasenkunai
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (11)


Posted by alamanda 3 years ago

Yea! its almost 2 weeks since last manga...

Posted by scorpion_v57 3 years ago

yaaa.......why they r nt releasing it yet.........

Posted by sumit127 3 years ago

it should already b out

Posted by akatsasuke 3 years ago

i want my manga not just naruto but one piece too !!!!!!

Posted by copony.paul 3 years ago

Its coming out this week along with bleach. There was a 2 week hiatus on Shounen Jump Manga. One Piece will be returning next week.

Posted by Ghact 3 years ago

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Posted by kurashige 3 years ago

out now at clarkster pinoygaming!

Posted by kurashige 3 years ago

There was a 2-week break but you probably already know about that.

Posted by anthonyshelley2014 3 years ago

Posted by Dakullashi 3 years ago

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