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ocular eyes
Why is it that the ninjas that have an ocular eye that wasn't theirs (sharingan and byakugan), have it covered? kakashi=sharingan, Ao=byakugan, danzo=sharingan

by santos9602
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (6)

Well Kakashi can't turn his Sharingan off so he has it covered so he doesn't read peoples minds as he talks to them. Danzo has his covered so nobody knows he stole a Sharingan eye, it would kind of link him to the Uchiha slaughter a little bit. I don't know about Ao maybe so the leaf didn't know he took one of their ocular jutsu's so he wouldn't be targeted by the leaf later on? That I'm not sure about, just a guess.

Posted by KillerKowz 3 years ago

its just as he said, when kakashi had the eye transplanted it was already activated, and so it says activated and needs to cover it up to avoid reading peoples movements and to conserve chakra. For danzo, its exactly as the guy said, so he wouldn't be linked to the uchiha slaughter and to keep his ability a secret so nobody would know the under handed stuff that was going on. just as he keeps the leaf black op a secret he has to keep his ability a secret too. and last is Ao the reason why he has it covered, is so it can't be easily stolen, just as when Danzo tried to steal it back, to prevent and anyone especially the Leaf

Posted by narutochuushin 3 years ago

Notice however that Ao's vein's around his eye are engorged only when he uses the jutsu to release his eye's power. However, were he to uncover it i believe the situation would be parrallel to kakashi's problem. Being that he cannot fully control it without the "eye-patch."

Posted by Dusctilldawn 3 years ago

Byakugan can 'see' through things so the covering of the eye was simply to hide it. It does not effect it one bit when active. Danzo has something special, not a normal sharingan but 'Shishui's eye' as the man with the one byakugan eye revealed. He was said to have a special power beyond normal sharingans. I hate spoilers so that's all i am going to cover for now. Also going openly with the byakugan would have been a death sentence. Unless they were from the leaf.

Posted by Dustineli 3 years ago

On another note a byakugan user who appeared as a blind leper with his eyes covered would be a deadly foe indeed.

Posted by Dustineli 3 years ago

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