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Jinchuriki Mode...
Can anyone tell me if they know, when Madars says in the manga that they need to get to Naruto before he realises what power he has while in jinchuriki form, what power is this?

by juzz80
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (4)

according to me the power would be rinningan because of the six white inverted commas on the chest which were also in the case of nagato and even in the case of the sage of six paths

Posted by alex_rusoe 3 years ago

It would be incredibly boring if Naruto developed Rinnigan. Although I could see it happening considering Nagato had them, and it has yet to be discovered how closely related Nagato and Naruto are.

Posted by cardboard_box 3 years ago

It definately is not the rinnegan the story is similar to the two sons of the so6p Sasuke symbolizes the elder son and Naruto the younger he is not gonna get if for the sheer fact that it wouldnt fit the storyline and plus thats not his fighting style using genjutsu hes a head on brute strength outsmart you type of guy with impenetrable guts

Posted by Lucid48 3 years ago

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