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Uchiha Madara's Aim
During the Kage Summit, Uchiha Madara declared war against the 5 Great Nation and even revealed his main goal/plan, the "MoonEye Operation". Eventhough he claims that he is collecting the tailed beasts to be used in order to realize his plan, he didn't mentioned in his "story telling with the kages" about the "Real" Six Paths. And in order for him to become the Jinchuriki of the "Ten tails", he also need to become a "Sage of the Six Path".
Uchiha Madara now acquired 3 of the six paths(I'm not sure but 1st could be the Senju, 2nd would be Uchiha, third is Uzumaki)...and 7 tailed beasts.

Based on the character of Uchiha Madara, he is the type who manipulates people by mixing truth and lies like what he did with Sasuke. What he really aim when he announced the war against the 5 great nation is probably in order to find and gather the remaining pieces(3 more "Path", the Hachibi, and the Kyuubi). Remember that the Rinnegan was discovered/activated during the Third Great Ninja War. Zetsu is currently targeting the Feudal Lords to weaken the financial capacity of the Shinobi Alliance that protects the remaining Jinchurikis.

by sempet
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (8)

Madara started a new cycle of hate when he took the nine tails and attacked konan... he's the reason why itachi had to kill his clan he's the reason sasuke was forced to be alone and have planned revenge against itachi. he's the reason for everything that have went wong with the uchiha's for thelast 16 years

Posted by BlackNaruto23 3 years ago

i love how madara has the rinnengan now, and how he said it was his in the first place, when he took it from nagoto...it is kind of true though, since he is a decendant from the sage of the six paths, well the uchiha and the senju are, so now he finally has the rinnegan

Posted by Uchiha.Anthony 3 years ago

Could be one of the "Sage of Six Paths" sons? He knows alot about the guy considering everyone outside of him thinks of the SoSP as a myth.

Posted by m318 3 years ago

it is also possible that the inscriptions inside the Uchiha's secret meeting place, where the history of their clan and its relation with the kyuubi, gives out info about the Rikudo Sennin and many more. one of the reasons why Madara sought the Rinnegan is to decipher(further) the inscription in that place.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

Even if madara succeed to get the kyuubi and hachibi which i think he can. The kyuubi itself in naruto is incomplete. The fourth sealed half of its chakra somewhere else "Death God belly". If madara somehow manage to reverse the seal and make and opening, the Hokages including some parts of Orochimaru will have the chance to get away and depending on the outcome of the war and the resulting actions of kabuto, Hokages might back in action. kabuto can be controlled by Shadow mimic jutsu.

Posted by uzumakimadara 3 years ago

i don't think Madara will be able to pull out the kyuubi from Naruto easily this time like he did when it was still with Kushina. Madara was able to release the kyuubi coz the seal that time was at its weakest state due to giving birth to Naruto. Another to consider is the latest seal made by Naruto to contain the kyuubi is similar to the Sage of the Six Paths seal which may indicate that it is much stronger than the previous seal used on Kushina.

Posted by sempet 3 years ago

Madara took over one of the zetsu bodies!! His right arm is white while his left part of the face is black!!!

Posted by serglom 3 years ago

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Posted by EdibleMuffin 1 year ago