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Naruto vs Madara and Naruto vs Sasuke
I Believe Naruto is the only one strong enough to kill either of the two and he will be the strongest ninja that the ninja world has ever seen.
I Think their is no one else capable to do things that he does with out without nine tails power

by BlackNaruto23
Written: 3 years ago
Property: Naruto

Blog Comments (17)

i think it will be naruto vs madara at the end. sasuke will fight madara and lose. or sasuke naruto from madara and die. but in the end naruto will fight madara..

Posted by jokergrant 3 years ago

commenting about the fights i agree with itachi giving naruto some power i think that will prptect him against genjustu or at least let naruto know he is in one. Itachi knows naruto sucks against it but at the same time he wants to help naruto help sasuke

Posted by EnoDekciwEht 3 years ago

why would they focus on naruto and sasuke if the end of the story will be dealing with naruto and madara? i bet, in the end, naruto and sasuke will fight..the consequences of being evil, as shown by sasuke, will be shown..i think a tragic ending will be done by masashi..

Posted by chuckieboys 3 years ago

It will start off as naruto vs sasuke but will change to naruto and sasuke vs madara

Posted by nightshooter 3 years ago

i think Sasuke will eventually atk Madara to avenge his clan, (Madara helped Itachi kill em) and he will need to be rescued by Naruto. They team up and take down the immortal, than face each other to decide the end of Naruto!

Posted by warsnite 3 years ago

Quoting BlackNaruto23Have you forgot itachi gave naruto just for that so he can fight against sauske. and naruto will be in full control of the nine tails and even with out nine tails sauske cant see natural enegery or feel it like naruto so there for he cant see against frog kumite the only thing he has to his advantage is susanoo'o thats it and naruto as the nine-tails to counter it with some new justu to come

Sasuke can not since natural energy, that is an ability unique to naruto when he controls the nine tails chakra

Posted by joessj5 3 years ago

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